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SAMHSA. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 33: Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders

This updated TIP reviews what is known about treating the medical, psychiatric, and SUD-related problems associated with the use of cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as the misuse of prescription stimulants. The TIP offers recommendations on treatment approaches and maximizing treatment engagement and retention, and strategies for initiating and maintaining abstinence. (SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, USA, 2021)


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Methamphetazine: A Harm Reduction Guide 

(harmreductionactioncenter.org, Denver/USA, 16.06.2018)


Developing a new national MDMA policy: Results of a multi-decision multi-criterion decision analysis. 

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Crystal Meth: Bupropion plus Naltrexon helfen beim Entzug

Dallas/Texas – Eine Kombination aus dem Opioidantagonisten Naltrexon, der zur Behandlung der Opiat- und Alkoholsucht eingesetzt wird, und dem Antidepressivum Bupropion, das Patienten zum Rauchstop verordnet wird, hat in einer randomisierten Studie im New England Journal of Medicine (2021; DOI: 10.1056/NeJMoa2020214) auch Patienten mit einer Methamphetamin-Abhängigkeit zur Abstinenz verholfen. (aerzteblatt.de, 10.02.2021)


First study of safety and tolerability of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-assisted psychotherapy in patients with alcohol use disorder. 

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Alltagsdroge Crystal Meth (Video)

2014 sorgte die Droge "Crystal Meth" für Schlagzeilen, der Stoff wurde plötzlich kiloweise gefunden. Mittlerweile ist die Droge überall, sie gilt als Schmiermittel der Optimierungsgesellschaft. Die Politik? Ignoriert das Thema weitgehend. (Das Erste, 11.01.21, 42:30; Verfügbar bis 11.01.2022)


How ecstasy and psilocybin are shaking up psychiatry

Regulators will soon grapple with how to safely administer powerful psychedelics for treating depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  (Nature, News Feature, USA, 27.01.2021)


Nora's Blog: ADAPT-2 Trial Results Deliver a Breakthrough in Long Search for Methamphetamine Use Disorder Medication 

The U.S. is facing a surge of overdose deaths involving the use of stimulant drugs, including cocaine and methamphetamine. Multiple drug surveillance systems indicate that methamphetamine is a more pressing danger to public health and safety than opioids in some localities, yet developing medications to treat stimulant use disorders has proven especially challenging. As more patients and providers become familiar with the multiple effective medications now available to treat opioids, the lack of any medication to treat addiction to methamphetamine is increasingly frustrating. That is why the results of a successful multi-site clinical trial of a combined treatment approach for methamphetamine use disorder using two already approved medications, published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, is such important and encouraging news for our field.

(…) a combination of oral bupropion, a commonly prescribed medication used to treat depression and for nicotine cessation, and injectable naltrexone, an opioid antagonist widely prescribed for treating opioid and alcohol use disorders, successfully reduced methamphetamine use and cravings in a large sample of treatment-seeking people with methamphetamine use disorder, compared to placebo. (NIDA, USA, 13.01.2021)


MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: A promising novel approach to treatment. 

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Medical MDMA Student Educational Slides

MDMA (3,4-Methyl-enedioxy-methamphetamine) was first synthesised in 1912 by chemists at the pharmaceutical company, Merck in Germany. In 1985, MDMA was placed in schedule 1, resulting in no research being conducted into the potential therapeutic applications of MDMA between 1985 – 2000. However, since then, MDMA has been included in over 5000 academic articles and administered to over 1100 human volunteers. (Drug Science, UK, 16.07.2020)


Pharmacological Treatment of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine Dependence: A Systematic Review.

Siefried KJ, Acheson LS, Lintzeris N, Ezard N.

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