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No excuses left to delay opioid agonist treatment roll-out.

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USA. Protests as Cuomo Blocks Addiction Meds Access for Poor New Yorkers

Late on January 1, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a last-minute veto on a bill that would have ended barriers for low-income New Yorkers to access Medicaid-insured medication-assisted treatment (MAT)—with the potential to save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars every year. At the same time, he signed into law a version of the bill that ended MAT’s pre-authorization for private insurance. (Filter, USA, 06.01.2020)


"Die Knochen schmerzen. Ich schwitze Bäche" - Aus dem Alltag eines Schweizer Heroinabhängigen 

Die progressive Schweizer Drogenpolitik brachte nicht nur die offene Drogenszene zum Verschwinden, sondern rettete zahlreichen Süchtigen das Leben. Inzwischen sind Heroinabhängige aus der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung verschwunden. Wie leben sie heute? Ein Buch gibt Einblick in den Alltag eines Drogensüchtigen. (swissinfo.ch, Schweiz, 13.12.2019)


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USA. Study: Prior Authorization Requirement for Addiction Meds Is Killing NY Drug Users

Harm reduction activists in New York state are demanding increased access to lifesaving opioid use disorder medications, saying that regulatory barriers to accessing drugs like methadone and buprenorphine are deadly for drug users and financially wasteful for the state. (Filter, USA. 10.12.2019)


USA. Walk-in Clinics for Opioid Addiction Offer Meds First, Fast

In St. Louis, Seattle and San Francisco, people with opioid addictions can start medication on their first day of treatment. Early research suggests the approach can change lives. But it will be a tough sell elsewhere: Nearly two-thirds of U.S. treatment centers don’t offer anti-addiction drugs and there’s resistance to easy access. (AT Forum, USA, 19.12.2019)


Inside the Drug Rehab for the World's Super-Rich 

Paracelsus Recovery is the most exclusive rehab in the world, attracting A-listers, royalty and people worth more money than entire countries. (VICE, UK, 05.12.2019)


The Decade-Long Chinese Methadone Maintenance Therapy Yields Large Population and Economic Benefits for Drug Users in Reducing Harm, HIV and HCV Disease Burden.

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USA. 'Get Out of the Way DEA,' Physicians Bid to Treat Addiction

Emergency physicians in the United States are calling again for changes to legislation so that they can more easily prescribe buprenorphine to patients with opioid addictions. (Medscape, 05.12.2019)


The Evolution of Addiction Treatment and Harm Reduction Programs in Iran: A Chaotic Response or a Synergistic Diversity?. 

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Beyond Methadone - improving health and empowering patients in opioid treatment

Hepatitis C, Overdose Prevention, Syringe Exchange, Buprenorphine & Other Opportunities to Make Programs Work For Patients. (VOCAL-NY and Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center (CDP), New York/USA, Oktober 2019)


Island. Harm Reduction Strategy Aims to Prevent Spread of HIV

A small group of individuals struggling with addiction has been receiving the medications Ritalin or Contalgin in exchange for taking HIV or Hepatitis C medication, Vísir reports. The initiative aims to decrease the spread of HIV And Hepatitis C among drug users. Staff of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department distribute the medications. (Iceland Review, Island, 08.11.2019)


Defining a recovery-oriented cascade of care for opioid use disorder: A community-driven, statewide cross-sectional assessment.

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Seychellen. Why Seychelles has world's worst heroin problem

The island paradise of Seychelles is suffering from a drug epidemic of huge proportions.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 people out of a total population of 94,000 - the equivalent of nearly 10% of the working population - are addicted to heroin, according to the Agency for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation (APDAR) in the Seychelles. (BBC, UK, 21.11.2019)


A state-level study of opioid use disorder treatment access and neonatal abstinence syndrome.

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USA. Is opioid treatment available to those who need it most?

The U.S. opioid epidemic is still raging—it's particularly pronounced in low-income areas and in those where people lack access to health care services, which includes cities in Michigan and across the Rust Belt. But the effectiveness of efforts to provide treatment and recovery options to those who need it most—that is, in locations with the greatest number of deaths from opioid overdose—has been unclear. (Michigan State University, USA, 14.11.2019)