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USA. The Methadone Clinic System Needs Abolition, Not a Tepid Reform Bill

Peter Vanderkloot’s groundbreaking article—Methadone: Medicine, Harm Reduction or Social Control—hit me hard. As a social worker, I helped people who used heroin get into methadone programs. His insightful analysis and refreshingly angry takedown of the United States methadone clinic system explained both negative interactions I’d had with clinic staff and traumatic incidents that clients shared with me. I go back and review the article often.

Vanderkloot describes in precise detail how clinic regulations disrupt and damage patients’ lives. He shows how a medication that embodies harm reduction is held hostage by a system of harm production. He knows what he’s talking about. For years, he’s stood in line waiting to be called to the plexiglass window by a nurse who pushes a plastic cup filled with red liquid through a chuckhole.

Then he drops this time bomb: “The methadone clinic system is a weapon of the drug warriors, and as long as it exists it will be used to control, degrade and injure.” Vanderkloot argues for the destruction of the clinic system and for methadone prescription parity. (Filter, USA, 23.05.2022)


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USA. The Long Road to Methadone Access in Rural America

The U.S. has treatments to help people dealing with opioid addictions but throws up hurdles to access. (TNR, USA, 27.04.2022)


USA. As a Methadone Patient, I Demand No Return to the Pre-COVID Status Quo

COVID-19 made us rethink how and why we were doing all kinds of things simply out of routine. Why do office workers have to commute to a desk to make a phone call? Why do folks need to go in person to therapy or to benefit appointments, if they can be done virtually? Why are methadone patients still largely attending clinics in person, up to six days a week, to receive their medication? (Filter, USA, 20.04.2022)


Australien. ‘Crisis looming’: GP calls for help as small band of doctors do heavy lifting on opioid treatment

A GP recognised for his work with people who abuse drugs is calling for more doctors to step up as demand for opioid treatment surges in the pandemic.

Dr Anthony Michaelson, who is being honoured with an Order of Australia for his service to the community for his pioneering drug abuse treatment programs, is one of a dwindling number of GPs who prescribes medication to treat opioid addiction in high numbers in Victoria. (The Age, Australien, 16.04.2022)


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Duration of use and outcomes among people with opioid use disorder initiating methadone and buprenorphine in Ontario: a population-based propensity-score matched cohort study.

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USA. DEA’s Commitment to Expanding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment

WASHINGTON – Today, Administrator Anne Milgram announced the Drug Enforcement Administration’s continued commitment to expanding access to medication-assisted treatment to help those suffering from substance use disorder.

“In this moment, when the United States is suffering tens of thousands of opioid-related overdose deaths every year, the DEA’s top priority is doing everything in our power to save lives,” said Administrator Milgram. “Medication-assisted treatment helps those who are fighting to overcome substance use disorder by sustaining recovery and preventing overdoses. At DEA, our goal is simple: we want medication-assisted treatment to be readily and safely available to anyone in the country who needs it.” (DEA – Drud Enforcement Administration, USA, 23.03.2022)