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Emergency medical treatment: slides for medical education

This is the fifth in a series of slides designed for medical education as well as for all people interested in addiction. This slide set covers the core and distinctive issues for emergency medical treatment for adverse effects of drugs and has been designed in collaboration with Drug Science. All educational resources, including slides and fact-sheets for use in medical education, can be found in our Knowledge Hub. (Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA), UK, 18.08.2021)


Schweiz. ARUD/Zürich: So machen wir Suchtmedizin: Fokus Opioide (Zoom-Referat)

Wollten Sie schon mal erfahren, wie die Behandlung in der Arud und im Checkpoint Zürich abläuft und welche Ansätze wir dabei verfolgen? In sechs 30-minütigen Referaten geben unsere SpezialistInnen Einblick in ihre Arbeit und zeigen auf, worauf bei der Behandlung einer Abhängigkeit zu achten ist. 

Im 5. Referat wird unser Chefarzt Psychiatrie Thilo Beck den Umgang der Arud mit Opioiden vorstellen. 

Vortrag online via Zoom am 25. Oktober, 18:00 – 18:30 Uhr, Passwort: 962534, (ARUD, 24.08.2021)


USA. "How To" Webinar - Expanding Use of Mobile Vans

AATOD produced a webinar on August 11, 2021, which described how OTPs can expand their blueprint throughout the country by expanding the use of mobile vans. The Drug Enforcement Administration released its final regulation on June 28, 2021, which went into effect on July 28, 2021. (AATOD - American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, 12.08.2021)


USA. OUD Mini-Course: Treatment in the Emergency Department - On-Demand Module

This 1-hour, on-demand module provides essential education for providers in the emergency department on identifying, managing, and responding to patients with opioid use disorder (OUD).

This module offers interactive and application-focused learning. Participants will explore an overview of an opioid use disorder, evidence-based solutions for emergency medicine, and how to address patients with OUD in the emergency department. (ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine, USA, Juli 2021)


USA. “How To” Webinar – Expanding the Use of Mobile Vans

AATOD produced a webinar, which described how OTPs can expand their blueprint throughout the country by expanding the use of mobile vans. The Drug Enforcement Administration released its final regulation on June 28, 2021, which went into effect on July 28, 2021. (AATOD - American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, 13.08.2021)


UK. About the Best practice in Optimising Opioid Substitution Treatment (BOOST) elearning programme

The BOOST elearning programme aims to provide drug treatment and recovery professionals with the information they need to deliver good quality opioid substitution treatment (OST) to service users.

This elearning programme is recommended by Public Health England (PHE) as mandatory training for all drug treatment and recovery workers, whether working in the NHS, voluntary or private sectors. It is also recommended that team leaders, managers and other professionals working in drug treatment and recovery services complete the programme, so they can support learning and service improvements. (e-Learning for Healthcare und NHS – National Health Service, UK, 2021)


Webinar. „Substitutionsbehandlung im Team. Wie geht das?“ - Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2021, von 13:00 Uhr bis ca. 17:30 Uhr 

URL-Link zur Anmeldeseite der BLAK-Webseite: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5171357642952576780

Veranstaltungsort: online über GoToWebinar

Veranstalterin: Bayerische Akademie für Sucht- und Gesundheitsfragen


USA. Webinar: Substance Use Disorder and Covid-19 (Thursday, July 22 at 3-4:30 PM (ET) (21.00-22.30 Berlin))

Join the Addiction Policy Forum. and the Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts (FORE) on Thursday, July 22 at 3-4:30 PM (ET) (21.00-22.30 Berlin) for the second webinar in our series on COVID-19 and addiction.


Kanada. Overcoming Stigma: Online Learning 

CCSA is using online learning to address the stigma surrounding substance use.

We have developed three learning modules on the topic of stigma associated with substance use. These modules have been made with both the general public and professional audiences in mind.

After completing the modules, you will understand that substance use disorder is a treatable, medically diagnosed, health condition, and that by using person-first language you can begin to change the way you think about and treat people with substance use disorder. The goal of the modules is to increase your understanding of stigma and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to address stigma at home, in the workplace and in your communities. (CCSA - Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, Kanada, Mai 2021)


Webinar. Opioidabhängigkeit aktuell vor dem Hintergrund der COVID19 Pandemie (Aufzeichnung, Video, 60:00)

Referenten: Prof. Jens Reimer, Dr. Thomas Poehlke

Die Veranstaltung ist von der BLÄK mit 1 CME-Punkt anerkannt


Delivering Medication Assisted Treatment for Addictions via Telehealth 

Tue, March 2, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT. This seminar provides an opportunity to learn about practices delivering telehealth mediated MAT, including legal and pharmacy aspects. (DigitAS project team, University of St Andrews, School of Medicine, UK)


The ASAM Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Course - NEW 8-Hour Online Course for Physicians*

The ASAM Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Course provides eight hours of required education to qualify for the waiver to prescribe buprenorphine in an office-based setting and covers essential information for providers to identify, assess, diagnose, and manage patients with opioid use disorder (OUD). The course covers the latest information on medications and treatments for OUD. ASAM is an approved provider by CSAT/SAMHSA of DATA 2000 training. This course is fully online and can be completed at your own pace. The flow of this online course uses a mix of didactic materials, case studies, learning activities, and assessments. (ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine, 2021)


ASAM. Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Course - Updated Online Version Available!

The ASAM Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder 8-Hour Course has been updated to provide a more dynamic and engaging learning experience.

What's new?

Updated content that covers best practices, medications and new formulations, and all treatment options for patients with opioid use disorder

Insightful clinician perspectives integrated throughout the course

Deep dives into commonly asked questions within each learning module

New curriculum design with a module dedicated to patient safety and harm reduction

New platform with interactive quizzes, case studies, learning activities, and assessments

New self-paced modules for busy learners

American Society of Addiction Medicine, USA, Januar 2021


Addressing the Opioid Overdose Epidemic in the Emergency Department - Internet-based Training

(CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 11.12.2020)


International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals – Events (incl.Webinare)


Scottish Drugs Forum – Webinar Library

22 Videos (21.10.2020)




The entire webinar series and the special anniversary online € meeting are both free to watch and attend while requiring only a single registration for all free online events. 

These are the first free online events by the IACM. It is a unique chance to learn from the best of the best in science and attend IACM's 20th anniversary celebration. 

All webinars will be held in English. And for the first time, subtitles are available in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

IACM – Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Cannabis in der Medizin


Webinar; Addiction Psychiatry Online – Improvement of Buprenorphine Micro-Dosing (22.10.2020, 20-21.30 Uhr MESZ)

A webinar presented in collaboration by the World Psychiatric Association Section on Addiction Psychiatry and the UBC Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Research Group.

Join us for the first instalment of our webinar series. Dr Pouya Azar will speak about micro-dosing buprenorphine for the treatment of substance use disorder. Learn more about this novel treatment approach, which is becoming increasingly utilized across North America and Europe. Afterwards, Dr Michael Krausz will moderate a discussion with attendees. You will have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues from across the healthcare community. (World Psychiatric Association Section on Addiction Psychiatry and the UBC Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Research Group, 08.10.2020)