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Peer-assisted injection as a harm reduction measure in a supervised consumption service: a qualitative study of client experiences. 

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USA. Will the U.S. get its first supervised drug consumption site?

(...) Today, about 120 legally sanctioned supervised consumption sites operate in 11 countries globally, including Canada, Germany and Switzerland. Now there’s a proposal for the first supervised consumption site to open in the United States, but the federal government filed a lawsuit to block it from opening in Philadelphia. (AMA – American Medical Association, 15.12.2020)


Schottland. Drugs activist Peter Krykant ready to go to court as he fights to save addicts

Peter Krykant was charged with an offence and cautioned in October. (Daily Record, UK, 11.12.2020)


Schweiz. Niederschwellige, akzeptierende Suchtarbeit - Eine qualitative Studie für die Relevanz von Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen mit Konsumraum in Kleinstädten der Schweiz 

Die vorliegende Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen mit Konsumraum in Schweizer Kleinstädten. Schweizweit existieren vier Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen mit Konsumraum in kleinen Städten. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist, mithilfe einer qualitativen Forschung in Erfahrung zu bringen, mit welchen Rahmenbedingungen die Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen mit Konsumraum in den Kleinstädten konfrontiert sind und welchen Mehrwert sie für wen bieten.

Bachelor-Arbeit der Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit, Jeanne Eckhart und Matthias Hürzeler, August 2020 


Supervised Injection Facilities and Other Supervised Consumption Sites: Effectiveness and Value; Evidence Report.

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Schottland. Operator of Glasgow safe drug-use van charged at service

Police say people’s ‘complex needs’ are ‘understood’ after Peter Krykant cautioned. (Guardian, UK, 24.10.2020)


Schottland. Long Read: Dani Garavelli: On the road with Scotland's drug consumption van

Dani Garavelli investigates one man's attempts to prevent overdoses and the spread of HIV with his controversial safer drugs consumption van. (The Scotsman, Schottland, 08.11.2020)


Schottland. Two drug users an hour helped at consumption van service in Glasgow city centre

ALMOST two injections an hour have been carried out at the mobile drug consumption van set up by a volunteer in Glasgow city centre. (Glasgow Evening Times, 19.10.2020)


To what extent do supervised drug consumption services incorporate non-injection routes of administration? A systematic scoping review documenting existing facilities. 

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USA/Kalifornien. Wiener to reintroduce supervised injection bill

California Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) will reintroduce a bill allowing San Francisco, Oakland, and possibly other cities to open pilot supervised injection sites, he announced at an October 8 news conference in the Tenderloin.

"The war on drugs has failed," Wiener, a gay man, said. "Criminalizing addiction is not effective, and in fact it makes the problem worse. We need to treat drug use as the public health issue it is, not a criminal issue." (Bay Area Reporter, USA, 10.10.2020)


Australien. Characteristics of people who used the Melbourne and Sydney medically supervised injecting facilities surveyed in the Illicit Drug Reporting System 2019

People who inject drugs are at increased risk of fatal and non-fatal overdose, blood-borne viral infections, and a range of negative social and health consequences. Interventions such as supervised injecting facilities have been shown to reduce overdose-related morbidity and mortality, drug-related risk behaviors, and to improve public amenity.

In this bulletin, we summarise findings from the Sydney and Melbourne survey samples who report use of the supervised injecting facilities in their city. (NDARC - National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australien, 2020)


Kanada. Vancouver council approves drug injection site for downtown 

New site will operate out of city building at Seymour and Helmcken streets. (biv.com, 21.10.2020)


Schottland. SDF statement on reported police action at unofficial safer drug consumption facility in Glasgow

Today, Scottish Drugs Forum reacts to a reported incident in Glasgow, where a man was cautioned by police carrying out their enforcement duties under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 during a weekly demonstration of a safer drug consumption facility – that has been undertaken for nearly two months – in protest at the thwarting of plans for the legal provision of a facility planned by the local health board and council. (SDF – Scottish Drugs Forum, 26.10.2020)


Schottland. Safe Consumption Glasgow

The Evidence

Safe Consumption Sites also known as Overdose Prevention Sites or Drug Consumption Rooms are now in operation around the world. The data shows that not one single death from overdose has been recorded with tens of thousands of overdoses being reversed. Benefits include, reduced hospital admissions, less anti social behaviours, more engagement with treatment, less BBV transmission and less publicly discarded equipment. (Safe Consumption Glasgow, Oktober 2020)


Kanada. British Columbia. Vancouver's Insite drug injection clinic will stay open

Top court rules on clinic's exemption from federal drug laws. (CBC, Kanada, 30.09.2020)


Kanada. The Shameful Closure of North America’s Busiest Safe Consumption Site

We Canadians may like to think of ourselves as more progressive than our southern neighbours when it comes to drug policy. Truth is, we’re only ever one election away from regression and fear-mongering based on stigma, racism and a refusal to acknowledge the evidence behind harm reduction.

Although Health Canada has reiterated current federal support for safe consumption sites (SCS) and endorsed programs providing a safe supply of drugs, each province and territory is ultimately in control of its own healthcare. This leaves harm reduction services in a precarious position.

Nowhere has this been more shamefully illustrated than in Alberta, where the provincial government forced North America’s busiest SCS to shut down on August 31, of all days: International Overdose Awareness Day. (Filter, USA, 24.09.2020)


Schottland. Glasgow drug users and MP hail ‘lifesaving’ van that defies UK law

Former addict praised for setting up safe space for injecting in city dubbed Europe’s drug deaths capital. (Guardian, UK, 20.09.2020)


Inside Glasgow's Safer Drug Consumption Van 

On Friday, activist Peter Krykant opened the doors of his mobile harm reduction facility to the city's drug users. (VICE, UK, 14.09.2020)


Münster/Wstf. INDRO Münster meldet Nutzungshöchstzahlen 

M ü n s t e r ▪ Ratsfraktionen und Verwaltung der Stadt Münster haben sich zur Arbeit des Drogenhilfevereins INDRO e.V. bekannt, der in der westfälischen Großstadt unter anderem den Drogenkonsumraum betreibt. Der Münsteraner Stadtrat debattierte Ende August in einer aktuellen Stunde über die Arbeit des Vereins. Anlass waren Irritationen nach kontroversen Äußerungen des damaligen Münsteraner Polizeipräsidenten. 

Kurz zuvor hatte INDRO seinen Jahresbericht 2019/2020 vorgelegt und nach eigenen Worten für nahezu alle Angebotsbereiche neue Nutzungshöchstzahlen protokolliert. So sei im Drogenkonsumraum erstmals die Zahl von 20.000 Konsumvorgängen überschritten worden. Mehr als 125.000 Spritzbestecke habe man im Berichtszeitraum vom 1. Juli 2019 bis 30. Juni 2020 getauscht. 

Ausführlich berichtet der Verein auch über die Einschränkungen durch die COVID-19-Pandemie. So habe ein für Mai 2020 geplanter Aktionstag zum Thema Hepatitis C abgesagt werden müssen. Auch der Zugang zum Drogenkonsumraum musste eingeschränkt werden. „Die eingeführten Schutzmaßnahmen waren und sind weiterhin notwendig, doch niemand wird deshalb mit seinen/ihren Problemen allein gelassen!“, heißt es im Jahresbericht. (Quelle: Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, LWL-KS-Newsletter, 18. Jahrgang/Nr. 4, September 2020)


USA/Kalifornien. Safe consumption sites bill killed at the worst possible time

Overdose deaths in SF rose 70% in one year, but legislators have yet to create meaningful change. (San Francisco Examiner, USA, 02.09.2020)


Schottland. Mobile ‘fix room’ begins operating in Glasgow

A drug consumption van where addicts can inject heroin has been launched in Glasgow - despite warnings it could be breaking the law. (BBC, UK, 02.09.2020)


Kanada. Feds fund 2 safe drug supply sites in Toronto to combat ongoing overdose crisis

The federal government announced funding for two safe drug supply sites in Toronto in an ongoing effort to combat the opioid overdose crisis which continues to worsen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Global News, 20.08.2020)


Schottland. SDF statement on reports of a drug consumption facility in Glasgow

Media reports have suggested that a mobile drug consumption facility organised by community activists has begun operating in Glasgow this week. (SDF – Scottish Drugs Forum, 02.09.2020)


Correspondence: Evaluation of an Unsanctioned Safe Consumption Site in the United States

August 6, 2020
N Engl J Med 2020; 383:589-590, DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc2015435


Australien. 'Work in progress': Richmond's safe injecting room still divides, two years on

At the peak of his heroin use, Michael was at the safe injecting room in North Richmond most days. Now he only visits once a month for opiate treatment, after staff gave him a gentle push to try long-acting buprenorphine. (WA today, Australien, 05.07.2020)


Evaluation of an Unsanctioned Safe Consumption Site in the United States

Kral AH, Lambdin BH, Wenger LD, Davidson PJ. 

[published online ahead of print, 2020 Jul 8]. N Engl J Med. 2020;10.1056/NEJMc2015435. doi:10.1056/NEJMc2015435