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Australien. Ice will be allowed in Melbourne safe injecting room

Drug users will be allowed to consume ice under medical supervision at Melbourne's new safe injecting room, despite previous state government assurances that it would be banned from the centre.

Users will be able to take up to three grams of drugs such as heroin or ice into the injecting centre without penalty.

The government released regulations for the North Richmond Centre late on Tuesday afternoon that revealed there will be no restriction on the drugs of dependence that can be used in the injecting room. (The Age, Australien, 10.04.2018)


UK. Campaign for legal drug-taking rooms in London as figures reveal worst areas for heroin and morphine deaths

Campaigners have called for radical new policies to tackle drug abuse in London as new figures revealed the worst boroughs for heroin and morphine overdoses. (Evening Standard, UK, 07.04.2018)


UK. West Midlands addicts to be prescribed heroin under bold plans to combat 'scourge of drugs'

West Midlands police commissioner announces "fresh ideas" to tackle drug problems.

Users offered heroin in drug consumption rooms and if other forms of treatment fail.

Move welcomed as drug use increasingly considered public health issue rather than criminal. (IB Times, 12.02.2018)


Schottland. Don't 'condemn Glasgow drug addicts to death fix room plea

IF Glasgow is not allowed to open a safe drug injecting facility it would be “condemning to death” addicts who desperately need help, councillors have heard.

Glasgow City Council united behind a bid to create the first safe drug injecting room in the UK in the city centre.

The facility that would allow addicts to bring drugs to a supervised facility got the backing of all parties as the council voted to invite the Home Secretary to Glasgow to see the need for urgent action. (Evening Times, Glasgow, 05.04.2018)


The Trump Administration Says Proposed Heroin Injection Sites Could Face “Legal Action”

They’ve been approved in San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia — and some local officials are ready to fight the DEA in court. (Buzz Feed News, 14.02.2018)


Karlsruhe will im April über ersten Drogenkonsumraum entscheiden

Karlsruhe – Der Karlsruher Gemeinderat wird voraussichtlich am 24. April über den landesweit ersten Drogenkonsumraum beraten. Oberbürgermeister Frank Mentrup (SPD) will in seiner Stadt eine Anlaufstelle schaffen, in der schwerst Drogenabhängige mitgebrachte Drogen wie Heroin und Kokain unter hygienischen Bedingungen einnehmen können. (aerzteblatt.de, 04.04.2018)


UK. UK Legislators Make Impassioned Call for Drug Consumption Rooms, As Deaths Soar

Members of parliament from across the political spectrum have called on the UK government to allow the introduction of drug consumption rooms (DCRs), which save lives and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. (TALKING DRUGS, UK, 18.01.2018)


Frankfurt/Main. Stefan Majer präsentiert bundesweit einmaliges Drogen-Monitoring in Frankfurter Konsumräumen

Die Stadt Frankfurt hat ein systematisches Drogen-Monitoring in den drei Konsumräumen in Frankfurt gestartet.
In einem bundesweit einmaligen Projekt werden Rückstände aus Drogenverpackungen und Spritzenfiltern regelmäßig von Wissenschaftlern der Uni Freiburg auf Reinheitsgehalt, Beimischungen und sonstige Auffälligkeiten hin analysiert. Unter großer Medienaufmerksamkeit stellte Stefan Majer, Dezernent für Gesundheit und Personal, am Montag, 19. März, gemeinsam mit Professor Volker Auwärter, Forensischer Toxikologe am Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Uni Freiburg, und Regina Ernst, Leiterin des Drogenreferates, das bundesweit einmalige Monitoring und die Ergebnisse aus den bislang mehr als 400 Analysen vor.

(...) Auffallend war, dass mit durchschnittlich 9 Prozent der Reinheitsgehalt bei Heroin deutlich geringer ist als erwartet, während bei Kokain vom Frankfurter Straßenhandel mit durchschnittlich 70 Prozent der Reinheitsgehalt über dem europäischen Durchschnitt liegt.

Aufhorchen ließ, dass an zwei Verpackungen Anhaftungen des synthetischen Opioids Fentanyl gefunden wurden, wie Regina Ernst betont: „Fentanyl spielte 2017 bei mindestens drei Frankfurter Drogentoten eine Rolle. Fentanyl sei so unberechenbar und damit gefährlich, da es 120 mal stärker sei als Heroin und sich deshalb nur schwer dosieren lasse. (frankfurt.de, 20.03.2018)


USA/New York. To Cut Drug Deaths, City Considers Sanctioned Places to Shoot Up

In 2016, the opioid epidemic claimed 1,374 lives in New York City. That’s roughly four drug overdose deaths each day. One death every seven hours.

It’s a harrowing statistic that continues to soar, and New York City officials are floating an idea that so far has not been tried in the United States: sanctioned locations where drug users can shoot up under the supervision of medical staff ready to revive them if they overdose.

They are called safe injection facilities, and the city has been eyeing them for more than a year, despite potential federal opposition. (09.02.2018)


Supervised Consumption Services – fact-sheet

(Drug Policy Alliance, March 2017)


Dokumentation der vier Frankfurter Drogenkonsumräume - Statistische Ergebnisse des Jahresberichtes 2016

Prof. Dr. Heino Stöver, Dipl. Soz. Stefan Förster

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, ISFF – Institut für Suchtforschung Frankfurt am Mein

Februar 2018


Public support for safe consumption sites and syringe services programs to combat the opioid epidemic.

McGinty EE, Barry CL, Stone EM, Niederdeppe J, Kennedy-Hendricks A, Linden S, Sherman SG.

Prev Med. 2018 Feb 23;111:73-77. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2018.02.026.



Kanada. All of Canada's Approved Supervised Consumption Sites

Supervised Consumption Sites are key components to an evidence-based treatment approach saving countless lives across Canada. The services they offer not only ensure the health and safety of vulnerable communities, but also connect them to social supports and vital ancillary services. (pivot, Kanada, 2018)


Kanada. First Supervised Inhalation Site Opens in North America

It's not just about allowing someone to use drugs more safely—it’s about building a trusting relationship with users, humanizing them and encouraging them to seek treatment when they’re ready.

In response to the opioid crisis, Canada has been rapidly opening supervised injection sites, safe spaces allowing for injection drug users to consume narcotics like heroin under medical supervision.

But ARCHES, a recently opened facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada comes with a twist—it's the first supervised inhalation site in North America, allowing drug users to combust and inhale narcotics, such as meth or crack cocaine, under the supervision of trained medical staff. (The Fix, USA, 05.03.2018)


USA. Why some US cities are opening safe spaces for injecting heroin

A study found a safe injection site in Philadelphia could prevent nearly one in 10 of the city’s drug overdose deaths.

American cities are slowly rallying around a new response to the opioid epidemic: safe spaces for using heroin.

The concept recently gained traction in Philadelphia, where officials announced this week that they intend to open such a space, known as a supervised drug consumption facility or safe injection site. These are places where people can use drugs with sterile injection equipment and the supervision of trained staff, who are ready with the opioid overdose antidote naloxone if anything goes wrong. The sites may also link people with addiction treatment on request. (vox.com, USA, 25.01.2018)


Kanada. Best Practice Guidelines: Implementing Supervised Injection Services

(Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Februar 2018)


USA. What's Next For 'Safe Injection' Sites In Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a step closer to opening what could be the nation's first supervised site for safe drug injection. But turning the idea into reality won't be easy. (npr, USA, 24.01.2018)


Münster/Wstf. Weniger Notfälle im Münsteraner Drogenkonsumraum

Von 59 im Jahr 2016 auf 45 im Jahr 2017 ist die Zahl der Drogennotfälle im Drogenkonsumraum des Drogenhilfevereins „Indro“ in Münster gesunken. Das geht aus dem jüngst vorgelegten Jahresbericht des Vereins für akzeptanzorientierte Drogenarbeit hervor. Insgesamt fanden im vergangenen Jahr demnach mehr als 13.000 Konsumvorgänge im Drogenkonsumraum statt.

Zu 65 Prozent wurde Heroin konsumiert. Der Kokain-Konsum sei in den vergangenen Jahren aber kontinuierlich angestiegen und erreichte im Jahr 2017 mit etwa 26 Prozent einen neuen Höchstwert, geht aus dem Jahresresümée hervor. Weiterhin werden die Konsumentinnen und Konsumenten auch immer älter. Es dominiere die Altersgruppe der über 36-Jährigen.

Indro-Leiter Dr. Wolfgang Schneider sieht den schadensminimierenden Ansatz seiner Einrichtung als Erfolg an. 2017 seien auch durch die Indro-Arbeit Drogentodesfälle vermieden worden. (LWL-KS-Newsletter, 16. Jahrgang / Nr. 1, Februar 2018)


USA. Safe injection sites to fight opioid overdose deaths get green light from Philadelphia officials

After a year in which overdoses outstripped the murder rate by 4-1, librarians ran outside to save people from overdosing, and makeshift heroin camps sprawled under bridges and on street corners, Philadelphia city officials Tuesday took their most radical step yet against the opioid crisis.

It’s time, they declared, to do what no other U.S. city has done: Establish medically supervised facilities where people can inject drugs, be revived if they overdose, and then be helped into treatment. (The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA, 23.01.2018)


Kanada. Canadian facility offers answers on supervised consumption sites

As debate continues throughout the Eastside, Vancouver’s Insite sheds light on the real impact of giving people a place to safely take drugs. (Bellevue Reporter, USA, 12.02.2018)


USA. New York City Program Takes Controversial Approach to Opioid Crisis (Audio)

There's no single solution to the opioid crisis, but a New York City program is taking a controversial approach to fighting the epidemic.

It's called "harm reduction,” and it's not new. The non-punitive approach aims to reduce the harmful consequences of drug use. For some programs around the country that means giving access to sterile needles, and, in the case of The Washington Heights Corner Project, a bathroom where users can inject drugs knowing that if they overdose, someone will come to their aid. (WNYC – The Takeaway, 15.01.2018, Audio, 07:26)


USA. SF health panel backs safe injection sites

The San Francisco Health Commission unanimously backed a resolution supporting supervised injection services at its February 6 meeting, putting the city one step closer to opening the first safe injection facility in the United States. (Bay Area Reporter, 08.02.2018)