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Supervised Injection Facility Utilization Patterns: A Prospective Cohort Study in Vancouver, Canada.

Kennedy MC, Klassen DC, Dong H, Milloy MS, Hayashi K, Kerr TH.

Am J Prev Med. 2019 Sep;57(3):330-337. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2019.04.024. 



Acceptability of safe drug consumption spaces among people who inject drugs in rural West Virginia.

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USA. 'Cuomo Lied, People Died': Advocates Block Governor's Office Over Delay In Safe Injection Sites

Dozens of harm reduction advocates blocked the entrances to Governor Andrew Cuomo's Midtown office on Wednesday, as they called on him to approve a city plan that would open four overdose prevention centers for New Yorkers to safely inject drugs.

The one-year pilot program, which was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio in May of 2018, was expected to create the country's first supervised injections sites (SIFs). (The Gothamist, USA, 28.08.2019)


Portugal. Filter Video: Inside Portugal’s First Mobile Safe Consumption Site

In April of this year, Portugal, a country well known for having decriminalized all drugs in 2001, got its first safe consumption site—on wheels. It’s a brand-new, shiny white Peugeot Boxer van.

For this original Filtervideo, I spoke with Adriana Curado, a psychologist from Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos (GAT; Group of Activists in Treatment) and Diana Gautier, a social worker with Médicos do Mundo (MdM; Doctors of the World). The two women are co-coordinators and staff members of the Lisbon-based van, and believe that their mobile safe consumption site is a vital way to meet people who use drugs “where they’re at.” (Filter, USA, 10.06.2019, Video, 06:49)


Kanada. Edmonton: Red Deer supervised drug consumption site facing backlash, online harassment

The centre saw 4,500 site visits and 151 reversed overdoses last month

Staff at Turning Point Society of Alberta, the centre running Red Deer's downtown supervised consumption site, say they're being bullied and harassed online. 

Since the overdose prevention site opened last October, Sarah Fleck, the centre's clinical manager, said staff have seen a gradual increase of negative comments and public backlash targeted at clients on their Facebook page and via email. (CBC, Kanada, 12.08.2019)


Prospective client survey and participatory process ahead of opening a mobile drug consumption room in Lisbon.

Taylor H, Curado A, Tavares J, Oliveira M, Gautier D, Maria JS.

Harm Reduct J. 2019 Aug 9;16(1):49. doi: 10.1186/s12954-019-0319-1.


Kanada. Canadians warm up to harm reduction in fight against opioids

Next month will mark the 16th anniversary of the start of operations at Insite, the first legal supervised drug injection facility to operate in North America. Since 2003, 48 similar sites have opened across Canada, more than half of which are located in Ontario. (BIV – Business in Vancouver, Kanada, 13.08.2019)


Irland. Drug abuse: Reality of addicts shooting up in public after injecting centre plan is rejected

Drug addicts are still injecting in Dublin's back lanes after plans for a medically supervised facility were rejected by the city council. (The Independent, Irland, 07.08.2019)


UK home secretary urged to introduce drug rooms to save lives

MPs and police commissioners call for introduction of DCR overdose prevention centres. (The Guardian, UK, 22.07.2019)


NRW. Drogenkonsumraumbericht 2018

Die Geschäftsstelle der Landesstelle Sucht NRW hat den Drogenkonsumraumbericht NRW 2018 veröffentlicht. Es werden die Drogenkonsumraum-Statistiken der zehn Drogenkonsumräume in Nordrhein-Westfalen dokumentiert.

Die Auswertung der Daten erfolgt über eine spezielle Software. Es werden quantitative Daten wie Anzahl und Art der Konsumvorgänge, örtliche Veränderungen, Leistungen der Einrichtungen, Trends im Nutzungsverhalten sowie die Vermittlung der suchtkranken Menschen in weiterführende Hilfeangebote erhoben. Landesstelle Sucht, NRW, 2019)


USA. What to expect when your city is expecting a supervised injection site: Lessons from around the globe | Perspective

Philadelphia, where another 1,100 people died of an overdose in 2018, is slowly navigating toward opening a supervised injection site, a move that has prompted a debate among harm reduction advocates and law-and-order types about the best way to address the overdose crisis. Safehouse, a nonprofit, has been incorporated with the sole purpose of opening a site to save lives. After incorporating, the U.S. attorney sued Safehouse, arguing that the site is illegal, in an attempt to prevent them from opening. The suit is currently in court, but Safehouse has made progress. In March they announced a potential location. (The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA, 29.06.2019)


Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs): final conference of the Solidify project (5-6 December 2019, Lisbon (Portugal)

Co-hosted by Efus, the city of Lisbon, and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)

Supervised Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) have proved to be a safe way to prevent harm related to drug use and insecurity linked to consumption in public spaces and trafficking. However, the establishment of a DCR can give rise to concerns among local residents to which local authorities must respond through dialogue and consensus-building measures. Beyond there is also the difficulty of political resistance as DCRs are still far from being widely accepted or even properly understood by some European political decision-makers.


Niederlande. Drug Consumption Rooms in the Netherlands - 2018 Update

Anouk de Gee, Daan van der Gouwe, Sara Woods, Cedric Charvet, Agnes van der Poel

Trimboos Instuítute, Utrecht/Niederlande, 2019


Willingness to Use Safe Consumption Spaces among Opioid Users at High Risk of Fentanyl Overdose in Baltimore, Providence, and Boston

Park, J.N., Sherman, S.G., Rouhani, S. et al. J 

Urban Health (2019). doi.org/10.1007/s11524-019-00365-1



USA. Safe consumption spaces would be welcomed by high-risk opioid users 

Three-city study finds strong support for harm-reduction strategy. (Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, 05.06.2019)


Australien. Photo Essay: Inside Australia’s Safe Consumption Sites

While officials in the US—and the UK where I live—debate the introduction of safe consumption spaces (SCS), it’s important to remember that about 120 of these sites already operate legally in about 12 countries around the world. Many have existed for years. They save lives, reduce the spread of disease, reduce public costs and bring many other benefits.

One place where SCS operate is Australia. In 2018 I visited the country and had the opportunity to take a series of photographs at the long-running SCS in Sydney and the newly opened site in Melbourne. Part of the collection was recently exhibited at the Harm Reduction International conference in Portugal. (Filter, USA, 29.05.2019)


USA. Supervised Injection Sites Are Coming to the United States. Here’s What You Should Know

(USC – University of Southern California, USA, Nursing Staff, 02.05.2019)


Irland. Ireland’s first drugs distribution centre to be trialled in Dublin

A homeless charity has been given permission by the Health Service Executive to trial Ireland’s first drug-injection facility. (The Christian Institute, UK, 24.05.2019)


USA. California bill to create ‘safe injection sites’ in San Francisco clears Assembly

A bill that would allow San Francisco city officials to open facilities where people can inject drugs without legal consequences cleared the state Assembly on Thursday.

Assembly Bill 362 by Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) would create a six-year pilot program in San Francisco giving drug users a place to inject themselves with intravenous drugs under clinical supervision. (Los Angeles Times, USA, 23.05.2019)


Kanada. Overdue for a Change: Scaling up Supervised Consumption Services in Canada – Full report

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is pleased to share with you the full report of Overdue for a Change: Scaling Up Supervised Consumption Services in Canada.

This report documents a research project that was undertaken in 2018 to explore the current state of supervised consumption services (SCS) in Canada, to monitor legal and policy changes affecting SCS, and to identify facilitators and barriers faced by current and future SCS operators. (The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Kanada, 19.02.2019)


Schottland. Glasgow has 'most compelling case in Europe' for safe drug injecting room

GLASGOW has the “most compelling case in Europe” for a Safer Drug Consumption Room, MPs have been told. (Glasgow Evening Times, UK, 07.05.2019)


Implementation contexts and the impact of policing on access to supervised consumption services in Toronto, Canada: a qualitative comparative analysis

Geoff Bardwell. Carol Strike, Jason Altenberg, Lorraine Barnaby and Thomas Kerr

Harm Reduction Journal 2019, 16:30, doi.org/10.1186/s12954-019-0302-x


USA. Data show the first supervised injection site in the U.S., although illegal, prevented overdose deaths

American advocates calling for supervised injection sites as a life-saving measure to prevent overdose deaths have been forced to rely on data from Canada and elsewhere to show that the sites are a valid public health intervention – until now.

New data, released Monday at a major international harm reduction conference in Porto, Portugal, provide the first look at a supervised injection site (SIS) situated on American soil. The research involves data collected from the U.S. site – a secret, illegal one as such sites are not permitted under U.S. law. (Globe and Mail, Kanada, 29.04.2019)


Strassbourg. European symposium and study visit on drug consumption rooms in Strasbourg

Some 250 participants took part in a European symposium on “Low Risk Drug Consumption Rooms in Europe – Assessment and Prospects” co-organised by Efus, the City  of Strasbourg, the association Ithaque and the MILDECA, and held at the European Parliament on 3-4 April. The meeting brought together elected officials, representatives from international and national institutions, municipal health and security practitioners, doctors and nurses, social workers, police officers and researchers from across Europe and beyond. They discussed the development of local harm reduction policies and the role of supervised Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) in protecting fundamental rights and fostering public health, security and social cohesion at local level. (EFUS - European Forum for Urban Security, Frankreich, 24.04.2019)


The implementation of overdose prevention sites as a novel and nimble response during an illegal drug overdose public health emergency.

Wallace B, Pagan F, Pauly BB.

Int J Drug Policy. 2019 Apr;66:64-72. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2019.01.017. 


Australien. Despite bad press, injecting room is doing what it was designed for

Last week more than a hundred people gathered for a meeting in North Richmond at a pub across from the medically supervised injecting room.

A mix of media, politicians, local residents and people working in the alcohol and drug sector attended. It was a spirited discussion about the issues associated with drug use and antisocial behaviour negatively affecting local residents. (SMH – Sydney Morning Herald, Australien, 15.04.2019)


Schottland. Home Office criticised for refusing drug consumption room in Glasgow

The head of a study which found Glasgow recently experienced the UK’s biggest HIV outbreak for 30 years has expressed frustration at the Home Office’s refusal to allow the opening of a drug consumption room. (The Scotsman, UK, 15.04.2019)


EUROPA. Project Solidify – Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities to Instill Harm Reduction and Social Cohesion at Local Levels

The project will focus on the implementation and sustainability of the Drug Consumption Rooms in several European cities and assess their impacts on the territory. (The European Forum for Urban Security,2018/19)


Schottland. Drug consumption rooms in Scotland gain cross-party support

CALLS for legal drug consumption rooms (DCRs) have garnered cross-party backing as MPs back efforts to cut deaths and crime. (The National, Schottland, 01.04.2019)


At-a-glance - Supervised Injection Services: a community-based response to the opioid crisis in the City of Ottawa, Canada.

DelVillano S, de Groh M, Morrison H, Do MT.

Health Promot Chronic Dis Prev Can. 2019 Mar;39(3):112-115. doi: 10.24095/hpcdp.39.3.03.