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Schottland. Peer Naloxone Supply Project

A new report published by SDF shows the evaluation of the peer-to-peer naloxone programme within three pilot areas: one prison, one rural, one urban. 

The project aimed to establish, embed, and support high quality peer supply of naloxone as a core service across Scotland and ensure those involved in peer supply have an active voice in delivery of naloxone and other harm reduction interventions, including the sharing and promotion of good practice. (SDF – Scottish Drugs Forum, UK, 10.03.2023)


FDA. Information about Naloxone

Naloxone is a medication that rapidly reverses the effects of opioid overdose and is the standard treatment for overdose. In the wake of the opioid epidemic, efforts are underway to make this emergency treatment more readily available and more accessible. (FDA – Food and Drug Adminstration, USA, aufgerufen 12.03.2023)


USA. FDA Approves Amphastar Pharma's Nasal Spray for Opioid Overdose

Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Wednesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved its nasal spray for emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose. (Reuters, USA, 09.03.2023)


Harm reduction behaviors are associated with carrying naloxone among patients on methadone treatment. 

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Naloxone expansion is not associated with increases in adolescent heroin use and injection drug use: Evidence from 44 US states. 

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How do contextual factors influence naloxone distribution from syringe service programs in the USA: a cross-sectional study. 

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Racial/ethnic disparities in opioid overdose prevention: comparison of the naloxone care cascade in White, Latinx, and Black people who use opioids in New York City. 

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NALtrain Newsletter 5 – Februar 2023

(NALtrain, Februar 2023)


‘I’m not going to leave someone to die’: carriage of naloxone by police in Scotland within a public health framework: a qualitative study of acceptability and experiences. 

Speakman, E.M., Hillen, P., Heyman, I. et al.

Harm Reduct J 20, 20 (2023). doi.org/10.1186/s12954-023-00750-9


USA: Naloxon vermutlich bald ohne Rezept erhältlich

Silver Spring/Maryland – In den USA wird der Opioid-Antagonist Naloxon, der bei einer Opioid-Überdosierung lebensrettend sein kann, vermutlich demnächst rezeptfrei erhältlich sein. Externe Berater haben der Arzneimittelagentur FDA einstimmig zur Freigabe geraten. Hintergrund ist die weiter steigende Zahl von tödlichen Überdosierungen. (aerzteblatt.de, 16.02.2023)


FDA Inches Closer to OTC Narcan—at the Expense of Generic Naloxone

Advisors to the Food and Drug Administration have voted unanimously in support of making a naloxone product available without requiring a prescription, as the pharmaceutical company manufacturing that product doubled down on needle stigma. (Filter, USA, 15.02.2023)


Qualitative exploration of public health vending machines in young adults who misuse opioids: A promising strategy to increase naloxone access in a high risk underserved population. 

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Improved Process for the Preparation of Naloxegol Oxalate, an Opiod Receptor Antagonist.

Velugula SRK, Misra NC, Chapala S, Aaramadaka SKR, Chavakula R, Sanasi PD. 

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The Effect of Naloxone Access Laws on Fatal Synthetic Opioid Overdose Fatality Rates.

Tabatabai M, Cooper RL, Wilus DM, Edgerton RD, Ramesh A, MacMaster SA, Patel PN, Singh KP. 

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Naloxon. Virtual Innovation - A free tool in the fight against opioid deaths 

Intranasal naloxone (Narcan®) can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in fewer than five minutes. In most states, it’s available without a prescription, carried by most major pharmacy chains, and covered by many different types of insurance. To prevent opioid overdose deaths, community members need to carry and be prepared to use Narcan ®. 

Virtual Innovation offers a free 8 minute opioid overdose reversal training designed by nurses and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with community stakeholders. Thanks to the generous support of Independence Blue Cross Foundation, this website offers overdose reversal training, along with flyers, brochures, and other materials for your community, free to use and share. (virtual innovation, USA, Januar 2023)


Take-Home-Naloxon für geschulte Opioidabhängige - Erfahrungen zum Umgang mit Überdosierungsnotfällen

Take-home Naloxone for Trained Opioid Addicts – How Do They Deal with Overdose Emergencies 

Heike Wodarz von Essen, Jörg Wolstein, Oliver Pogarell, Norbert Wodarz

NOTARZT 2022; 38(03): 138-14, DOI: 10.1055/a-1785-3481



Notfall-Kit für Ersthelfende: Naloxon bei Drogenabhängigen: Resultate eines Feldversuchs

Die Bereitstellung von Naloxon für Ersthelfende kann die Zahl der Drogentoten deutlich reduzieren. Die Ergebnisse des ersten deutschen Feldversuchs, bei dem ein Notfall-Kit zur Antagonisierung unter Alltagsbedingungen getestet wurde, sind ermutigend. (Springer Medizin, Kongressbericht DIVI 2022, 16.12.2022, Anmeldung erforderlich)´


Naloxon und Drogenabhängige: Ein Nasenspray könnte Leben retten – könnte

In den USA wird ein Medikament beworben, das eine tödliche Überdosis bei Drogenkonsumenten verhindern soll: Naloxon. Ersthelfer sprühen es in die Nase der Betroffenen. Es wirkt in Sekunden. In Deutschland stößt das Mittel bisher auf wenig Interesse. (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 26.01.2023, Text und Audio, 06:52)


Opioid-involved overdose trainings delivered using remote learning modalities. 

Giordano NA, Febres-Cordero S, Baker H, Pfeiffer KM, Walsh LM, Gish A, Axson SA.

Nurs Open. 2023 Jan 21. doi: 10.1002/nop2.1615. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36681653.


USA. Push for over-the-counter naloxone may not help most vulnerable 

The Biden administration’s push to make some forms of opioid overdose reversal drugs available over the counter will likely have little impact on the people that need it most, public health advocates warn. (The Hill, USA, 15.01.2023)


Life-saving medication given to Doncaster prisoners on their release

Medication that can quickly reverse the life-threatening effects of a drug overdose is being issued to at risk prisoners for safe keeping when they are released from Doncaster’s police custody suite. (Doncaster Free Press, UK, 09.01.2023)


An observational study of the extent of naloxone furnishing in California Central Valley community pharmacies. 

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USA. Nearly 1,000 overdoses reversed using naloxone distributed through vending machine

UC, Caracole partnership makes significant impact in Hamilton County. (Univesity of Cincinatti, USA, 06.12.2022)


Implementation of a Leave-behind Naloxone Program in San Francisco: A One-year Experience. 

LeSaint KT, Montoy JCC, Silverman EC, Raven MC, Schow SL, Coffin PO, Brown JF, Mercer MP. 

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The role of increasing pharmacy and community distributed naloxone in the opioid overdose epidemic in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York City. 

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Drogennotfallschulung Opioidabhängiger in Haft und Versorgung mit Take-Home Naloxon bei Haftentlassung: Machbarkeitsstudie aus dem bayerischen Modellprojekt

Heike Jutta Wodarz-von Essen, Jörg Wolstein, Oliver Pogarell, Norbert Wodarz

Das Gesundheitswesen, September 2022, DOI:  10.1055/a-1860-1048



Aktualisierte Fassung des NALtrain-Manuals 

Die neue und aktualisierte Fassung des NALtrain-Manuals für ausgebildete Trainer*innen ist verfügbar! Wir haben ein neues Kapitel zu “Schulungen in Justizvollzugsanstalten” hinzugefügt und kleinere Textstellen verändert, zum Beispiel die Informationen zur Begleitevaluation. (NALtrain, 22.06.2022)


Take-home Naloxone at Opioid Treatment Programs: A Lifesaver. 

Katzman, Joanna G. MD, MSPH; Bhatt, Snehal MD; Comerci, George D. Jr MD, MACP. 

Journal of Addiction Medicine: 11/12 2022 - Volume 16 - Issue 6 - p 619-621 doi: 10.1097/ADM.0000000000000983 


USA. California Can’t Afford Its Free Narcan Program. Will It Embrace Generic?

A California naloxone delivery program is struggling to meet rising demand due to the expense of nasal spray Narcan. The situation highlights the the absurdity of state governments continuing to ignore the generic intramuscular version of naloxone—vastly more affordable, but demonized because it involves a syringe. (Filter, USA, 22.11.2022)


Comparing Projected Fatal Overdose Outcomes and Costs of Strategies to Expand Community-Based Distribution of Naloxone in Rhode Island. 

USA. Zang X, Bessey SE, Krieger MS, et al. 

JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(11):e2241174. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.41174