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Frankfurt/M. Verabreichung des Medikaments Naloxon als Nasenspray (Handelsname Nyxoid®) im Notfall durch idh-Mitarbeiter*innen

Mit der verschärften Lage auf dem Markt für illegale Drogen ist auch mit dem vermehrten Auftreten von Überdosierungen zu rechnen. In den Konsumräumen, Notschlafstellen, im Streetwork und im Nachtbus des Frankfurter Trägers Integrative Drogenhilfe e.V. (idh) stehen bereits Nyxoid-Nasensprays (Naloxon) als leicht zu handhabendes Notfallmedikament zur Verfügung. “Sobald wir genügend Nasensprays haben, erhalten es auch unsere anderen Angebote,“ schreibt Gabi Bescker, Geschäftsführerin bei idh.

Am 20.03.2020 hat sie dieses Informationsschreiben an ihre Mitarbeiter*innen gerichtet.

Frankkfurt idh Naloxon Anschreiben.pdf

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USA. Life-Saving Naloxone from Pharmacies - More dispensing needed despite progress (free CE)

FREE webinar featuring the U.S. Surgeon General and a CDC opioid expert. CDC - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vital Signs, August 2019)


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Researchers in Illinois are developing a novel device to rapidly and automatically administer the opioid overdose antidote naloxone. Smaller than a pacemaker, it would be implanted in a person’s body. When it detects signs of an overdose, it would release naloxone—and even place a 911 call. (Filter, USA, 28.01.2020)


USA. Allegheny County Jail to use inmate funds to supply overdose reversal kits

The Allegheny County Jail Oversight Board has approved a $75,000 disbursement from the Inmate Welfare Fund to buy 1,000 Narcan nasal spray kits to be provided to inmates as they are released from the jail. (triblive.com, USA, 05.12.2019)


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Sackler-owned opioid maker goes global with OD treatment

The gleaming white booth towered over the medical conference in Italy in October, advertising a new brand of antidote for opioid overdoses. “Be prepared. Get naloxone. Save a life,” the slogan on its walls said.

Some conference attendees were stunned when they saw the company logo: Mundipharma, the international affiliate of Purdue Pharma — the maker of the blockbuster opioid, OxyContin, widely blamed for unleashing the American overdose epidemic.

Here they were cashing in on a cure. (Businees Insider, 15.12.2019)


USA. New weapon in war against opioids: An implanted device that automatically releases lifesaving naloxone

An opioid overdose can be a lonely death. People who use drugs often do so in private, and should they get a dose stronger than they can tolerate, no one will be there to save them with the overdose-reversing medication naloxone. 

But now, a researcher at Northwestern University is developing a technological fix to that lethal conundrum. (MedicalXpress, USA, 05.12.2019)


Drogennotfallprophylaxe: Naloxon und Substitution - Neue Chancen?! (Präsentation)

Olaf Ostermann, Condrobs e.V. - NaSuKo – 5.Nationale Substitutionskonferenz, 27.09.2019, Berlin


Australien. Personal Stories of Opioid Overdose and the Use of Take-Home Naloxone to Save Lives

Welcome to Overdose Lifesavers. This website has two aims. First, it aims to support people affected by opioid overdose and thinking about using take-home naloxone. Second, it aims to inform the public about overdose and what can be done about it. (overdoselifesavers.org, Australien, November 2019)


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Kanada. Get naloxone – no matter how you choose to consume 

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) is advising people who use drugs to get trained in overdose response and pick up a Take Home Naloxone kit, regardless of how they choose to consume, after new research reveals that people who smoke or snort drugs are half as likely to carry life-saving naloxone medication. (BC Centre for Disease Control, Kanada, 23.10.2019)


Kanada. Rapid increase in naloxone distribution after kits became available at Ontario pharmacies 

Almost 68,000 people received a naloxone kit from a pharmacy in the two-year study period. (eurekalert.org, 18.10.2019)


Schottland. Police oppose naloxone overdose kits: 'not our job to save lives'

CAMPAIGNERS calling for Police Scotland officers to carry naloxone – a medication used to block the effects of opiates and save the lives of people overdosing from drugs – have reacted with anger to claims from the Scottish Police Federation that their ask goes beyond the call of duty. (The National, UK, 02.10.2019)


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Bayern zieht positive Bilanz für Modellprojekt mit Naloxon

München – Mit Naloxon kann Heroin- beziehungsweisen Opioidabhängigen bei einem Atemstillstand schnell geholfen werden – seit einem Jahr unterstützt der Freistaat Bayern ein Modellprojekt, bei dem Laien der Umgang mit dem Gegenmittel beigebracht wird. Bayerns Gesundheitsministerin Melanie Huml (CSU) zog vorgestern in München eine positive Bilanz. (aerzteblatt.de, 30.09.2019)


Naloxon: Evaluation der Peer-Informations-Veranstaltungen -- Münster, Februar 2019

Eva Gesigora, Ralf Gerlach 

Institut zur Förderung qualitativer Drogenforschung, akzeptierender Drogenarbeit und rationaler Drogenpolitik (INDRO) e.V.