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Irland. Petrol bombs and death threats: Families of drug addicts describe the daily fear they experience

Cocaine has overtaken heroin as the main problem drug in Ireland. (The Journal, Irland, 14.06.20229


Philippinen. Ronda Girls: How Filipino Mothers Took on the War on Drugs

A group of impacted mothers showed how an alternative to the violent drug war in the Philippines could be better at community care than killings. The self-named ronda girls hope that the recent national elections in represent will be a chance to shift away from the violence of Duterte’s regime. (Talkoing Drugs, UK, 14.06.2022)


Philippinen. From the Bones of Victims, a Doctor Unearths a Drug War’s True Toll

Raquel Fortun, one of only two forensic pathologists in the Philippines, is using her skills to show how other doctors falsely claimed some victims of the country’s drug war had died natural deaths. (New York Times, USA, 03.06.2022)


Philippinen. Lack of accountability paves way for more killings in Duterte drug war – Amnesty

MANILA, Philippines – The still elusive justice continues to pave the way for more killings under President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent anti-drug campaign, Amnesty International said in its latest report released on Tuesday, March 29. (Rappler, Philippinen, 29.03.2022)


Mexiko. Mexico's number of 'disappeared' people rises above 100,000

There are now over 100,000 people in Mexico's national register of the "disappeared." The UN says organized crime is among the leading causes of missing people in the country. (DW, Deutschland, 17.05.2022)


Kolumbien/USA. Otoniel: Colombia drug kingpin extradited to US

Colombia has extradited the drug baron leader of the country's biggest crime gang to the US, Colombia's president has announced. (BBC, UK, 05.05.2022)


Peru. Peru to buy illegal coca crops to battle drug trafficking

Lima (AFP) – Peru's government has announced a plan to buy the nation's entire supply of illegal coca leaf -- the primary ingredient in cocaine -- for at least a year, as part of its battle against drug trafficking. (France24, Frankreich, 28.04.2022)


Irak. Iraqi police seize more than 6 million Captagon amphetamine pills

Syria is the Middle East’s main producer of the drug Captagon and Saudi Arabia is the main consumer market. (Al Jazeera, Katar, 30.04.2022)


Jordanien/Syrien. Captagon: Jordan's undeclared war against Syria drug traffickers

(…) Fighting from the decade-long war in Syria may have died down, but the country's transformation into a narco-state is sowing new seeds of misery across this region. (BBC, UK, 18.04.2022)


Honduras/USA. Mutmaßlicher Drogenhandel: Ex-Präsident von Honduras an USA ausgeliefert 

Er soll Honduras zum »Drogenstaat« gemacht haben: Juan Orlando Hernández, Ex-Präsident des lateinamerikanischen Landes, droht ein Prozess in den USA. Sein Bruder wurde bereits verurteilt. (Spiegel online, 22.04.2022)


Kolumbien. Deep in Colombia, Rebels and Soldiers Fight for the Same Prize: Drugs

The country signed a historic peace deal more than five years ago. But a power vacuum is fueling the rise of new armed groups competing to control the drug trade. (New York Times, USA, 20.04.2022)


Mexiko. El Huevo: Alleged drug lord's arrest causes violent clashes in Mexico

A suspected drug lord, whose arrest sparked clashes in north-eastern Mexico, has been deported to the US. (BBC, UK, 16.03.2022)


Who benefits from the war on drugs? (Video)

“They call it a war against drugs, but … they don’t want to destroy the business, they want to administer the business.” (Al Jazeera, Katar, 18.02.2022, Video, 12:20)


Mexiko. Heber Lopez fifth journalist murdered in Mexico this year

Advocates say the first six weeks of 2022 have been the deadliest for journalists in Mexico in 10 years. (Al Jazeera, Katar, 11.02.2022)


Scanning the Horizon: Drones and Counter-narcotics in Latin America

In the last ten years the proliferation of drones (or UAVs)1 has extended to Latin America. Governments in the region have invested in drones both through the purchase of technology and finished products from abroad, and through the development of their own domestic industry, which have taken distinct paths. While the focus of this report is primarily on their deployment for counter-narcotics purposes, drones in the region have performed a plethora of tasks. With the increase in tasks performed by drones, especially in countries that have been heavily involved in the ‘war on drugs,’ this new technology is contributing to the already advanced blurring of boundaries between war and law enforcement. Swansea University, UK, Januar 2022) 


Syrien/Jordanien. Jordan says 27 drug smugglers killed at border with Syria

AMMAN - Jordanian soldiers killed at least 27 armed smugglers on Thursday and wounded others as they crossed the border from Syria during a dawn snowstorm with a large quantity of amphetamines, the army said. (Reuters, 27.01.2022)


Kolumbien. Colombia can’t resume coca aerial spraying for now, court rules

Rights groups and experts praise decision barring Colombian government from resuming glyphosate spraying of coca crops. (Al Jazeera, Katar, 20.01.2022) 


Mexiko. Murders in Mexico fall 3.6% in 2021, but femicides rise

MEXICO CITY, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Murders in Mexico slightly dropped in 2021, falling 3.6% from the previous year, though femicides rose, according to preliminary government data released on Thursday. (Reuters, 21.01.2022)


Mexiko. Who's winning the War on Drugs? (Audio)

Mexico's cartels are thriving, and finding innovative ways to smuggle drugs across the border into the US, despite law enforcement and the pandemic. (BBC, UK, 25.01.2022, 18:00)


Mexiko. Mexico’s deadliest cartel is dropping bombs from a drone onto rival camps in new turf war 

This is the chilling moment Mexico’s deadliest cartel allegedly dropped a bomb from a drone onto a rival camp in a new turf war.

Horrifying video footage shows people fleeing for their lives after the alleged strike from members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel on a woodland camp. (New York Post, USA, 12.01.2022)


Philippinen. Duterte Says He Will ‘Never Apologize’ for Drug War Deaths 

The Philippine leader’s war on narcotics is perhaps the only policy that he has carried through consistently since his election in 2016. (The Diplomat, USA, 06.01.2022)


Kolumbien. How Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ became a biodiversity nightmare (Podcast)

Animals brought illegally to Colombia by the drug kingpin have been allowed to roam free and are now disrupting the fragile ecosystem. (The Guardian, UK, 13.12.2021, Podcast, 25:28)


The War on Drugs Project

In 2020, CMWSS hosted a symposium csa to the newly published volume The War on Drugs: A History, edited by David Farber, and features material created by Clark Terrill and designed by Marjorie Galelli. It includes a teaching guide for each chapter, containing both questions and a list of key terms and themes; a timeline for the war on drugs; and a list of primary sources useful for teaching about this topic. (The Center for Military, War, and Society Studies, USA, 2021)


USA. An Addictive War: How Cartel Bosses are Playing the U.S. Justice System Bringing drug kingpins to face justice in the U.S. has long been seen as a key part of Washington’s anti-cartel arsenal. Behind the showy press conferences for bosses like El Chapo, experts say, lies a cottage industry of expensive lawyers and opportunistic traffickers looking for a way out. (OCCRP, 15.12.2021)


Philippinen. ICC prosecutor suspends probe into Philippines drugs war

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has suspended a probe at Manila's request into suspected rights abuses during Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on drugs.

ICC judges approved a probe in September into the campaign in which thousands of suspected drug peddlers have died. Activists say many have been executed by law enforcement agencies with the tacit backing of the President.

Philippine authorities say the killings were in self-defense and that the ICC has no right to meddle.

Court documents released by the ICC and confirmed by Philippine officials on Saturday showed that Manila filed the deferral request on November 10, citing the country's own investigations into drug war killings. (CNN World, 20.11.2021)


Ecuador. Battle among Ecuador prison gangs kills at least 68 inmates

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — A prolonged gunbattle between rival gangs inside Ecuador’s largest prison killed at least 68 inmates and wounded 25 on Saturday, while authorities said it took most of the day to regain control at the Litoral Penitentiary, which recently saw the country’s worst prison bloodbath. (Laredo Morning Times, USA, 13.11.2021)


Philippinen. Philippine President Duterte’s Former Economic Adviser was a “Drug Lord,” Says Affidavit in New ICC Case

Testimony in a new International Criminal Court (ICC) case corroborates a police report claiming Michael Yang, who is close to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, ran meth labs on the island of Mindanao in the early 2000s. Yang has since been linked to alleged procurement corruption, and a Philippine Senate committee has suggested he could face criminal charges. (OCCRP - Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project in partnership with Rappler, Philippinen, 10.11.2021)


Philippinen. Inside the bloody drug crackdown in the Philippines: Duterte’s War 


Reuters investigates Duterte’s War.


Global Consequences of the War on Drugs: Perspectives from Former Open Society Fellows (Video)

June 17 marked the 50th anniversary of U.S. President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a War on Drugs. Since then, this failed policy has been exported and implemented around the world, driving mass incarceration and human rights violations in the United States and internationally.

Punitive policies that criminalize people for low-level drug offenses harm individuals and their communities while hindering access to security and essential services. Over the last year, the damaging effects of this approach have become more evident than ever—prisons and jails have become epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic and overdose rates are rising, with more than 93,000 deaths occurring in the U.S. in 2020 alone. 

How has the war on drugs shaped international policies and practices, and how do we begin to reverse its harms? In this panel discussion, former Open Society fellows and global drug policy experts examine the international impacts of the war on drugs and provide insights on how to shift drug policy from prohibition and punishment to health and human rights. (Open Society Foundations, USA, 22.09.2021, Video, 01:00:17)


Philippinen. Philippines to investigate 154 police over deadly drugs war

MANILA, Oct 4 (Reuters) - An initial investigation by the Philippine government has found 154 police officers could be criminally liable over their conduct in President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody war on drugs, in a rare admission by the state that abuses may have taken place. (Reuters, 04.10.2021)