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How do individuals fare long-term after receiving long-acting, injectable formulations of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder?

Evidence has mounted regarding the short-term effectiveness of long-acting buprenorphine formulations for opioid use disorder, but knowledge about longer-term psychosocial and other health outcomes have been lacking. This paper reports 12-month outcomes from a study of individuals who had previously taken part in one of two, year-long, clinical trials of a long-acting, injectable formulation of buprenorphine for moderate to severe opioid use disorder. (RRI – Recovery Research Institute, USA, November 2020)


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'Game-changer' drug to tackle addiction

For more than 20 years, Dougie's life was a vicious cycle of drugs, crime and the death of people close to him. But for the past nine months he has been taking a medication that blocks his craving for heroin and helps him break the cycle. 

…he has been prescribed Buvidal, a new development in the treatment of addiction to opiates. (BBC, UK, 15.10.2020)


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Subcutaneous Extended-Release Buprenorphine Use in Pregnancy. 

Vorteile und Chancen von Depot-Buprenorphin in der alltäglichen Praxis

Mannheim/Lund, 29.07.2020 – Mit der wachsenden Erfahrung zum Einsatz des Depot-Buprenorphin Buvidal® seit seiner Einführung im Februar 2019 zeichnen sich die Vorteile und Chancen dieser Behandlungsform deutlicher ab. Auch durch die Coronakrise haben sich die Vergabegewohnheiten verändert. Darüber tau schten sich erfahrene Suchtmediziner*innen jüngst im Rahmen eines von der Camurus GmbH unterstützten Webinars aus. (Camurus, 29.07.2020)

Camurus Webinarbericht_final_28072020Vorteile und Chancen von Depot-Buprenorphin in der alltäglichen Praxis

Open-label, multicentre, single-arm trial of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence: protocol for the CoLAB study

Larance B, Byrne M, Lintzeris N On behalf of the CoLAB study team, et al

BMJ Open 2020;10:e034389. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-034389 

Open-label, multicentre, single-arm trial of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence: protocol for the CoLAB study