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Ayahuasca Technical Report

26 pages with all the latest research-based facts about ayahuasca, its uses, pharmacology, legal status and therapeutic effects, signed by 11 world-class experts and researchers.

The 2021 Ayahuasca Technical Report and fact sheets synthesize the currently available research on ayahuasca and are a reliable source of information on what is (and what is not) known about ayahuasca. (ICEERS - International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Service, Spanien, 21.12.2021)


Ketamine for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders: Comprehensive systematic review. 

Walsh, Z., Mollaahmetoglu, O., Rootman, J., Golsof, S., Keeler, J., Marsh, B., . . . Morgan, C. (2022). 

BJPsych Open, 8(1), E19. doi:10.1192/bjo.2021.1061


Psilocybin study enrolls clinicians with COVID-linked blues

Enrollment has begun in a small study of whether psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety that front-line clinicians developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. (University of Washington School of Medicine, USA, 14.12.2021)


Most Addiction Specialists Support Legalized Therapeutic Psychedelics

The majority of addiction specialists, including psychiatrists, believe psychedelics are promising for the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) and psychiatric illnesses and, with some caveats, support legalization of the substances for these indications, results of a new survey show. (MedScape, USA, 16.12.2021)


Depressionen: Psychodroge Psilocybin in Phase-2-Studie wirksam

New York – Die einmalige Einnahme von Psilocybin, dem psychedelischen Inhaltsstoff bestimmter Pilzarten, hat in einer Phase-2-Studie therapieresistente Depressionen gelindert. Der Hersteller kündigte aufgrund der Ergebnisse eine Phase-3-Studie an, deren Ergebnisse in den USA zur Zulassung der streng verbotenen Droge als Arzneimittel führen könnte. Die FDA hat mit der Einstufung als mögliche „breakthrough therapy“ ein vereinfachtes Zulassungsverfahren zugesagt. (aerzteblatt.de, 13.12.2021)


Moving Past Mysticism in Psychedelic Science

James W. Sanders and Josjan Zijlmans

ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science 2021 4 (3), 1253-1255 

DOI: 10.1021/acsptsci.1c00097 





Psilocybin therapy increases cognitive and neural flexibility in patients with major depressive disorder. 

Doss, M.K., Považan, M., Rosenberg, M.D. et al. 

Transl Psychiatry 11, 574 (2021). doi.org/10.1038/s41398-021-01706-y


GDS2022: The 10th anniversary survey: Could you be participant 1 million?

Professor Adam Winstock, Dr Monica Barratt, Dr Emma Davies & Associate Professor Jason Ferris – GDS Core Research Team, on behalf of all at GDS 

Happy birthday to us! 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the first ever Global Drug Survey. Since that time over 900,000 people have taken part in our surveys that have covered all aspects of drug use: everything from sex and drugs, drug delivery and darknet drug markets, changes in drug policy, vaping, novel drugs and the psychedelic renaissance. Throughout that diverse landscape we have kept our singular focus on promoting honest conversations about drug use and helping keep people safe regardless of the legal status of the drug. This year GDS2022 has chosen seven areas to focus on that we considered were of vital public health importance or piqued our curiosity. As always, all GDS surveys collect your data anonymously and confidentially. We have received ethics approval for this study from University College London. (GDS – Global Drug Survey, UK, November 2022)


Fitzgerald PJ. Many Drugs of Abuse May Be Acutely Transformed to Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine In Vivo. 

Fitzgerald PJ. 

Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Oct 2;22(19):10706. doi: 10.3390/ijms221910706. PMID: 34639047; PMCID: PMC8509043.


Modafinil - What is Modafinil?

Modafinil (2-[(diphenylmethyl) sulfinyl] acetamide) is a manufactured drug that is a Prescription Only Medicine in the UK. It is available on prescription for a number of sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy. Although it is legal to possess, supply is illegal without prescription.

Modafinil has also become increasingly used as a recreational drug. Many students and professionals use the drug to improve their productivity and focus, as well as staying awake for longer. It has therefore been likened to drugs such as Adderall, Vyvanese and Ritalin which have also been used recreationally by healthy individuals to improve concentration. (Drug Science, UK, Oktober 2021)


DR Kongo. Neue Droge im Kongo Die Zombies von Kinshasa 

Die Hauptstadt des Kongo wird von einer neuen Droge überrollt: Bombé – hergestellt aus Ablagerungen von Autokatalysatoren, gemixt mit einem wilden Medikamentencocktail. Den Konsumenten hilft es beim Vergessen. (Spiegel online, 24.09.2021)



Nitrous oxide: How to take laughing gas as safely as possible

(…) Metro.co.uk spoke to Guy Jones, senior scientist at The Loop, which works to reduce the harm caused by drugs. 

He gave us top tips on how to take laughing gas in the safest way possible. (Metro, UK, 10.09.2021)


LSD degrades hippocampal spatial representations and suppresses hippocampal-visual cortical interactions

Domenico, Carli et al.

Cell Reports, Volume 36, Issue 11, 109714 


"Areca Nut Chewing: Initiation, Addiction, and Harmful Effects Emphasizing the Barriers and Importance of Cessation",

I.A. Athukorala, W. M. Tilakaratne, R. D. Jayasinghe, 

Journal of Addiction, vol. 2021, Article ID 9967097, 9 pages, 2021., doi.org/10.1155/2021/9967097


Notes from the Field: Xylazine Detection and Involvement in Drug Overdose Deaths — United States, 2019. 

Kariisa M, Patel P, Smith H, Bitting J. 

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021;70:1300–1302. DOI: doi.org/10.15585/mmwr.mm7037a4


The Pharmacological Profile of Second Generation Pyrovalerone Cathinones and Related Cathinone Derivative. 

Kolaczynska KE, Thomann J, Hoener MC, Liechti ME. 

Int J Mol Sci. 2021 Jul 31;22(15):8277. doi: 10.3390/ijms22158277. PMID: 34361040; PMCID: PMC8348686.


GHB. FDA-Zulassung: Partydroge wirkt auch bei idiopathischer Hypersomnie

Silver Spring/Maryland – Die US-Arzneimittelbehörde FDA hat Natriumoxybat, das Natriumsalz der Gamma-Hydroxybuttersäure (GHB), zur Behandlung von Erwachsenen mit idiopathischer Hypersomnie zugelassen, einer seltenen Schlafstörung, die durch eine exzessive Tagesschläfrigkeit trotz einem als erholsam empfundenen und oft langen Nachtschlaf gekennzeichnet ist. (aerzteblatt.de, 16.08.2021)


Drug-drug interaction between diclofenac and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. 

Rodriguez-Cruz V, Ren T, Morris ME. 

Biopharm Drug Dispos. 2021 Jun 30. doi: 10.1002/bdd.2296. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34191301.



Lachgas lindert Depressionen bereits in niedriger Konzentration

Chicago – Eine 1-stündige Behandlung mit Distickstoffmonoxid, besser bekannt als Lachgas, hat in einer Phase-2-Studie eine Majordepression bei Patienten gelindert, bei denen zuvor mehrere medikamentöse Therapien erfolglos geblieben waren. Die Behandlung war laut der Publikation in Science Translational Medicine (2021; DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abe1376) bereits in einer niedrigen Konzentration wirksam, die gut verträglich war und die Symptome über mindestens 2 Wochen gebessert hat. (aerzteblatt.de, 26.07.2021)


Association of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) treatment with acute substance misuse outcomes. 

Virtanen, S., Lagerberg, T., Khemiri, L., Suvisaari, J., Larsson, H., Lichtenstein, P., Chang, Z., and Latvala, A. (2021) 

Addiction, doi.org/10.1111/add.15625. 


A rise in cases of nitrous oxide abuse: neurological complications and biological findings. 

Einsiedler M, Voulleminot P, Demuth S, Kalaaji P, Bogdan T, Gauer L, Reschwein C, Nadaj-Pakleza A, de Sèze J, Kremer L, Schroder I, Bigaut K. 

J Neurol. 2021 Jul 10:1–6. doi: 10.1007/s00415-021-10702-7. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34245346; PMCID: PMC8272450.


Psilocybin induces rapid and persistent growth of dendritic spines in frontal cortex in vivo

Shao, Ling-Xiao et al.

Neuron, Volume 0, Issue 0 


Unity in diversity: A systematic review on the GHB using population. 

Dijkstra BAG, Beurmanjer H, Goudriaan AE, Schellekens AFA, Joosten EAG. 

Int J Drug Policy. 2021 Apr 19;94:103230. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2021.103230. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33892279.


Misuse of medication in adult substance misuse services: a systematic review protocol. 

Gittins R, Missen L, Maidment I. 

BMJ Open. 2021 Jun 22;11(6):e047283. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-047283. PMID: 34158301; PMCID: PMC8220460.


UK. Busy clinicians to get new learning tool about the misuse of prescription drugs

CNWL’s Club Drug Clinic today launches a web-based app for clinicians about the misuse of prescription drugs.

The misuse of prescription drugs is increasingly recognised as an emerging problem, but one that many clinicians poorly understand.

ATOMIC is a completely new, convenient and evidence-based learning intervention that improves the knowledge and confidence of front-line clinicians to identify, assess and manage acute and chronic harms caused by the non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD). (NHS – National Health Service, UK, 14.06.2021)


Innovation in der Wirkstoffentwicklung: Morphinan-Verbindungen ohne Suchtgefahr

Die Fertigstellung eines neuen Wirkstoffes gegen Hustenreiz birgt nicht nur die Chance auf ein neues Arzneimittel auf dem Markt, sondern auch die Möglichkeit in Zukunft Morphium und andere Opiate ohne Suchtpotential zu entwickeln. Was kann man sich genau darunter vorstellen? Und welchen Nutzen haben Betroffene davon? (Deutsches Diabetes-Zentrum, 15.06.2021)


Peripherally active dextromethorphan derivatives lower blood glucose levels by targeting pancreatic islets

Scholz, Okka et al.

Cell Chemical Biology, Volume 0, Issue 0 


Khat and neurobehavioral functions: A systematic review. 

Ahmed A, Ruiz MJ, Cohen Kadosh K, Patton R, Resurrección DM (2021) 

PLoS ONE 16(6): e0252900. doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0252900


Majordepression: Psychedelisches Pilzgift erzielt in Studie (tendenziell) bessere Wirkung als Standardmedikament

London – Die Einnahme der Droge Psilocybin, die aus halluzinogenen Pilzen („magic mushrooms“) gewonnen wird, hat in einer Phase-2-Studie im New England Journal of Medicine (2021; DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2032994) die Symptome einer Majordepression mindestens so gut gelindert wie die Einahme von Escitalopram, einem Standardmedikament aus der Gruppe der selektiven Serotonin-Wiederaufnahmehemmer. (aerzteblatt.de, 10.06.2021)