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Hamburg, Verordnungen für den Schwarzmarkt

Ein einträgliches Geschäftsmodell ist erfolgreicher geworden: Mehr Doc-Hopper bekommen von mehr Praxen mehr Pregabalin. Auch einzelnen Patienten wird mehr verordnet


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Warnhinweis zur Verordnung von Pregabalin

Anlässlich des zunehmenden missbräuchlichen Einsatzes des Medikaments Pregabalin weist die Qualitätssicherungskommission „Substitution“ bei der KV Bremen auf einige Gesichtspunkte bei der Verordnung von Pregabalin hin. (KVHB – Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen, 29.11.2021)


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Pregabalin (Lyrica): findings of safety study on risks during pregnancy 

A new study has suggested pregabalin may slightly increase the risk of major congenital malformations if used in pregnancy. Patients should continue to use effective contraception during treatment and avoid use in pregnancy unless clearly necessary. (gov.uk, UK, 19.04.2022)


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USA. FDA, DEA Pushed to Make Gabapentin a Controlled Substance to Stop 'Widespread Misuse'

In a bid to stop abuse and diversion of the anticonvulsant gabapentin, a watchdog group is petitioning federal regulators to make the drug a controlled substance. (Medscape, USA, 07.03.2022)


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UK. 'It's absolutely rife': Drug linked to hundreds of deaths is being sold to Manchester's homeless for just 50p a pill

Pregabalin, normally used to treat nerve damage, epilepsy and anxiety, is being widely used among the city centre's rough sleepers and drug addicts because Spice and heroin are 'not as strong as they used to be'. (Manchester Evening News, UK, 21.11.2021)


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Australien. ‘Pregabalin is not a harmless drug.

A pharmacist tried to warn a GP that his patient was a known “doctor shopper” – but the man still obtained large amounts of pregabalin and diazepam, and subsequently died. (Australian Journal of Pharmacy, 10.08.2021)


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