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KANADA. Vancouver Island: First Nations women overrepresented among B.C. toxic drug deaths: doctor

Vancouver - The top doctor at British Columbia's First Nations Health Authority says Indigenous people, especially women, are dying from toxic drugs at disproportionately high rates as the overdose crisis continues “unabated,” nearly seven years after the province first declared a public health emergency. (CTV News Vancouver Island, Kanada, 01.02.2023)


I Don't Believe a Person Has to Die When Trying to Get High: Overdose Prevention and Response Strategies in Rural Illinois. 

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Lassen sich Todesfälle durch Drogentrends vorhersagen?

Liefert der Konsum von Kokain, Crystal und Ecstasy in der Partyszene Hinweise zu allgemeinen Drogentrends? Gibt es einen Zusammenhang mit Drogentoten in der Bevölkerung? Ein Forschungsteam aus New York hat sich mit diesen Fragen beschäftigt. (drugcom.de, 04.01.2023)


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USA. New York City Releases 2021 Overdose Data Showing Unprecedented Overdose Levels

Overdose rates show an increase in racial, economic, age, and neighborhood-level inequities in overdose deaths. (NYC Government, USA, 12.01.2023)


Somalia. Somalia's opioid overdose: Young, female and addicted

It was the discovery of the body of a 22-year-old woman on the streets of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, last year that brought into the open the problem of female drug addiction in the city. Health workers said she died from an opioid overdose. (BBC, UK, 27.12.2023)


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Zahl der Drogentoten unter US-Jugendlichen steigt dramatisch

Washington – Die Zahl der an einer Drogenüberdosis gestorbenen Kinder und Jugendlichen ist in den USA dramatisch gestiegen. Von 2019 bis 2021 habe sich die Zahl der Drogentodesfälle unter den Zehn- bis 18-Jährigen mehr als verdoppelt, heißt es in einer gestern veröffentlichten Studie der US-Gesundheitsbehörde CDC. Sie warnt darin vor allem vor gefälschten Pillen mit dem synthetischen Opioid Fentanyl als Inhaltsstoff.

Patterns of mortality risk among patients with substance use disorder: an opportunity for proactive patient safety?.  (aerzteblatt.de, 16.12.2022)


Patterns of mortality risk among patients with substance use disorder: an opportunity for proactive patient safety?

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USA. Hidden Fentanyl Is Driving a Fatal New Phase in US Opioid Epidemic

The rise of fentanyl has brought on the most dangerous phase yet in the US’s decades-long opioid epidemic, causing a surge in overdose deaths and crippling efforts to end a devastating addiction crisis.

Covid-19 helped pave the way for fentanyl’s ascent. Driven into boredom and isolation by the pandemic, many Americans turned to illegal drugs – and in 2020 and 2021, more people than ever were killed by fentanyl. (Bloomberg, USA, 13.12.2022)


USA. Explosion in US adolescent overdoses, mainly fentanyl

Drug overdoses among people aged 10 to 18 more than doubled in the United States between 2019 and 2021, according to a study released Thursday by health authorities, who warned in particular of the risks of counterfeit pills containing fentanyl. (MedicalXpress, USA, 16.12.2022)


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USA. Overdose Deaths up 81% in Pregnant, Postpartum

Women Drug overdose deaths in pregnant and postpartum women rose by about 81% from 2017 to 2020, researchers report in a JAMA research letter published online Dec. 6. (Medscape, USA, 07.12.2022)


Bundeslagebild Rauschgiftkriminalität 2021

(…) Die häufigsten Todesursachen waren der Konsum von Heroin und Opiat-Substitutionsmittel alleine oder in Verbindung mit anderen Stoffen. Die deutlichsten Anstiege betrafen monovalente Vergiftungen durch Opiat-Substitutionsmitteln (+167 %) sowie monovalente Vergiftungen durch Amphetamin (+149 %) oder Amphetaminderivate (+117 %). (Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), 10.11.2022)


A death by any other name: substance-induced or substance-related mortality

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USA. Continuing Crisis - Drug Overdose Deaths in New York

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Effectiveness of Opioid Tapering or Abrupt Discontinuation vs No Dosage Change for Opioid Overdose or Suicide for Patients Receiving Stable Long-term Opioid Therapy. 

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