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2-Minute Neuroscience: Methadone (Video)

Methadone is commonly used to treat opioid use disorder even though its pharmacological action is very similar to that of other opioids like morphine. In this video, I discuss the qualities that make methadone an effective treatment for opioid addiction, along with how it acts to reduce the risks associated with opioid abuse. (Neuroscientifically Challenged, 07.06.2019, Video, 01:58)


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Treatment Choices: Methadone

Exchange Supplies, UK. Third edition. oD


The Methadone Handbook - Thirteenth edition

Written by: Andrew Preston 

Published by: Exchange Supplies, Illustrations: Michael Linnell

© Exchange Supplies. ISBN 0 9520600 5 1


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USA. Methadone: An American Way of Dealing (Video)

Klein and Richert’s camera contrasts a state-operated methadone clinic in Dayton, Ohio, with Washington, DC’s Afrocentric RAP therapeutic community, founded in 1970 by Ron Clark, a veteran of LA’s Synanon. (pointshistory.com, USA, 01.02.2022, Video, 01:05:56)


USA. The Points Methadone Marathon

Welcome to the home page for the Points Methadone Marathon! (pointshistory.com, USA, 01.02.2022)


The effect of a methadone reformulation on opioid agonist treatment outcomes: A population-based study in British Columbia, Canada, 2013-14. 

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