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Different formulations of methadone and levomethadone in the management of Opioid Use Disorder.

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Microdosing Case Study Series – Transferring from Methadone to Oral Buprenorphine

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Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems, Published Ahead of Print, December 4, 2020

Conclusions: The case studies demonstrate that the successful use of a microdose transition from methadone to oral buprenorphine is possible within a primary care setting with minimal side effects or discomfort and that this option could be explored further with other patients to improve therapeutic outcomes.


A case study of methadone-induced delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy with improvement by antioxidant therapy. 

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Methadone Inhibits Viral Restriction Factors and Facilitates HIV Infection in Macrophages.

Atomic-Level Characterization of the Methadone-Stabilized Active Conformation of µ-Opioid Receptor 

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Atomic-Level Characterization of the Methadone-Stabilized Active Conformation of µ-Opioid Receptor 

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USA. Medications for Opioid Use Disorder. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 63, Full Document.

This updated Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) reviews the use of the three Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medications used to treat OUD—methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine—and the other strategies and services needed to support recovery for people with OUD. (SAMHSA - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, USA, Mai 2020)


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