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The head of the Philippines Catholic Church has criticised the government's bloody campaign against drugs.

Manila Cardinal Luis Tagle condemned "those who kill even the helpless“. (BBC, 20.08.2017)


JAKARTA. Raid, shoot, kill and repeat. Indonesia is replicating the harsh and unprecedented war on drugs launched by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, in a bid to clamp down on widespread drug trafficking. (THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK, 14.08.2017)


Manila. The Philippine government’s plan for mandatory drug testing for all college students and applicants seriously threatens their safety and right to education, Human Rights Watch said today. On August 2, 2017, the official Commission on Higher Education, which produces “plans, policies and strategies” for higher education under the office of the president, approved a memorandum order to be implemented at the start of school next year.

The college drug testing plan is a dangerous outgrowth of the Duterte administration’s abusive “war on drugs.” The order permits local governments, the police and other law enforcement agency to “carry out any drug-related operation within the school premises” with the approval of school administrators. This will effectively allow the police to extend their “anti-drug” operations to college and university campuses, placing students at grave risk. (Human Rights Watch, 11.08.2017)


MANILA. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday urged police to kill dozens of drug suspects every day, as he praised officers who shot dead 32 people this week in "shock and awe" raids. (France 24, 16.08.2017)


‘If they are obstructing justice, you shoot them,’ Rodrigo Duterte tells police officers of activists opposed to his drugs war. (The Guardian, UK, 17.08.2017)


Prosecutors in Texas wrapped up Monday the largest prosecution in US history of white supremacist gang members, after convicting 89 for drug trade and the use of firearms. Prior to this case, only six of the 89 defendants had no previous convictions. The rest had already been convicted of a combined 736 crimes, including burglaries, sex and child abuse and murder. Fifteen were deemed "career offenders". (The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), USA, 15.08.2017)


Iranian lawmakers have amended the country's strict laws on narcotics, making it harder to put people to death for drug-related crimes. The law could affect hundreds of inmates on death row in the conservative country. (Deutsche Welle, 14.08.2017)


Der philippinische Präsident Duterte ruft zu äußerster Härte gegen mutmaßliche Drogenkriminelle auf. Bei Polizeirazzien im Norden des Landes sind nun 32 Menschen umgebracht worden. (spiegel.de, 16.08.2017)


Colombia seeks alternative crops for areas where coca has been king. (BBC, 14.08.2017)


A top US anti-drug official has cautioned that "bilateral political problems" could result from differences of opinion between the United States and Colombia about how to deal with rising cocaine production in the context of the ongoing implementation of a peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla group. (insightcrime.org, 04.08.2017)


Editorial: Losing the fight against HIV in the Philippines

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White opioids: Pharmaceutical race and the war on drugs that wasn't.

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In 2016, coca bush cultivation increased 14 per cent in Bolivia compared to the previous year, according to the latest Coca Crop Monitoring Survey launched today in La Paz by UNODC and the Bolivian Government. In this period, the surface under cultivation increased from 20,200 hectares (ha) to 23,100 ha, following five years of continuous reduction (2011-2015). (UNODC, 19.07.2017)


Indian authorities have seized a massive 1,500kg (3,300lb) haul of heroin from a ship off the coast of the western state of Gujarat. (BBC, 30.07.3017)


... fishermen say they have been dumping bodies of dozens of drugs suspects in Manila Bay on the orders of police, who human rights groups accuse of carrying out thousands of extra-judicial killings. (The Age, Australien, 31.07.2017)


Ozamiz city mayor was among list of officials publicly shamed last year by President Duterte of being linked to drugs. (Al Jazeera, 30.07.2017)


Combat between Colombia’s security forces and an unidentified illegal armed group forced some 240 locals to flee their homes in the northeast of the country, according to the United Nations.

The fighting has been taking place for days in the municipality of Hacari, Norte de Santander, from where the first reports of combat and displacement began coming in on Tuesday.

Hacari lies on the border of Catatumbo, a coca-rich and lawless area where ELN and dissident EPL guerrillas, and the paramilitary Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) have primarily been active. (Columbia Reports, 24.07.2017)


MEXICO CITY. The sight of vehicles set ablaze by cartels has mostly been confined to lawless stretches of Mexico's provinces, so the appearance of burning buses in Mexico City this week has stoked fears that the drug gangs' violence is spreading to the capital. (Reuters, 22.07.2017)


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has expressed concern about a 14-percent increase in areas devoted to coca leaf cultivation in Bolivia. (PanAm Post, 20.07.2017)


Following Duterte's violent approach to drug trafficking will not solve Indonesia's drug problem. (Al Jazeera, 26.07.2017)


Drugs and Development: The Great Disconnect

Julia Buxton, Global Drug Monitor Observatory, Swansea University

Policy Report 2, Januar 2015


With the purchase of a pomegranate snack bar at the local grocery store, a fruit tree is planted in Afghanistan and a little less illegal opium exists in the world - or so the story goes. (TalkingDrugs, 03.07.2017)


President Rodrigo Duterte has called for the introduction of the death penalty in the Philippines for a range of offences – including drug possession - as his country’s brutal slaughter of people who use drugs continues. (TalkingDrugs, UK, 24.07.2017)


Die Regierung Uruguays startet eine gewagte Initiative: Ab Mittwoch können Bürger Cannabis zum Dumpingpreis kaufen - in der Apotheke. Mit dem Preiskampf wollen die Behörden die Macht der Drogenkartelle brechen. (spiegel.de, 15.07.2017)


Menschenrechtler verurteilen einen Aufruf des indonesischen Präsidenten: Joko Widodo plädiert für ein kompromissloses Vorgehen gegen ausländische Drogenhändler, die sich einer Festnahme widersetzen. (spiegel.de, 23.07.2017)


In einer großen Operation haben FBI, DEA und Europol zwei populäre Drogenumschlagplätze im Darknet zerschlagen. Die Daten Tausender Nutzer von AlphaBay und Hansa werden nun ausgewertet. (spiegel.de, 20.07.2017)


Donald Trump hat erklärt, wie er sich die Mauer zwischen den USA und Mexiko vorstellt. Sie soll durchsichtig sein - damit sich Beamte vor schweren Säcken mit Drogen schützen können. (spiegel.de, 14.07.2017)


MUSE, Myanmar — She was born to royalty in British colonial Burma, but rejected that life to become a cross-dressing warlord whose C.I.A.-supplied army established opium trade routes across the Golden Triangle. By the time of her death, last week at 90, she had led hundreds of men, endured prison and torture, generated gossip for her relationship with a film actress and, finally, helped forge a truce between ethnic rebels and the government. (New York Times, 21.07.2017)


'They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It's over.'

(...) Speaking on a flight from Washington to Paris, Mr Trump told reporters on board Air Force One that it was vital border agents could see through the wall to be aware of oncoming dangers. (The Independent, UK, 14.07.2017)