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Philippinen. Inside the Philippines Prison That Sparked Duterte’s Murderous Drug War

Twenty-three thousand dead. That’s the latest estimate—and maybe a low one—of people killed by President Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines drug war. Duterte won the May 2016 presidential election on a brutal tough-on-crime ticket, playing on an impression in many Filipinos’ minds that the country was on the verge of lawlessness.

He pulled it off thanks to a 2014 scandal at the New Bilibid prison in Muntinlupa, just outside Manila, where drug lords were revealed to be living in luxury. As well as murdering thousands of his own people, the scandal helped Duterte to crack down on political opponents like Senator Leila de Lima, who was accused of ties to the New Bilibid gangs. (Filter, USA, 17.07.2019)