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The 2018 Global State of Harm Reduction

The most comprehensive mapping of harm reduction around the world is here
The 2018 Global State of Harm Reduction is live! This sixth edition of the report is our most extensive ever thanks to a coordinated effort of over 100 harm reduction practitioners, academics, advocates and activists from around the world.
Along with tracking responses to HIV and hepatitis C among people who inject drugs, the report includes for the first time dedicated sections on harm reduction for ATS, overdose response, funding for harm reduction, and analyses of harm reduction for women. Additionally,this year's forewordswere authored by Maia Szalavitz (journalist and author of Unbroken Brain) and Ma. Inez Feria (director, NoBox Philippines).
While the world has come a long way in implementing harm reduction over the last decade, the 2018 report shows that progress is stalling.
There’s a wealth of information on harm reduction in each of the nine regions covered in the report, including the latest data on harm reduction in prisons. (HRI – Harm Reduction International, Dezember 2018)