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Island. Iceland Expected to Introduce Drug Consumption Rooms

Drug consumption rooms (DCRs) are expected to be introduced in Iceland, as MPs and the Minister of Health have backed calls for an amendment to the national drug law. (Talking Drugs, UK, 01.04.2019)


Kanada. Opioid users and families urge Nova Scotia to open overdose prevention site

Group marches to Province House in Halifax with crosses marking deaths of loved ones. (CBC, Kanada, 27.03.2019)


Baden-Württemberg. Kabinett macht Weg für Drogenkonsumraum in Baden-Württemberg frei

Karlsruhe/Stuttgart – Nach monatelangem Ringen hat das grün-schwarze Kabinett in Baden-Württemberg die Verordnung für den landesweit ersten Drogenkonsumraum einstimmig beschlossen. (aerzteblatt.de, 26.03.2019)


Schottland. The public health crisis of Scotland’s drug use

Drug consumption rooms should be a part of the solution as Scotland looks to bring about a reduction in drug-related deaths, according to Scottish Drugs Forum CEO David Liddell.( healthandcare.scot, UK, 28.03.2019)


Supervised drug consumption sites considered for Canadian prisons

Correctional service 'exploring' new harm-reduction measure, union says Drumheller Institution a possible site. (CBC, Kanada, 28.03.2019)


Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities Bill



Karlsruhe. Verordnung für ersten Drogenkonsumraum lässt auf sich warten

(...) Die Kabinettsvorlage befindet sich dem Sozialministerium zufolge noch in der Ressortabstimmung. Im Kabinett behandelt werden könnte das Thema dem Vernehmen nach am 26. März. Ursprünglich sollte die Verordnung schon Anfang des Jahres das Kabinett passieren. (aerzteblatt.de, 18.03.2019)


Griechenland. Parliament approves creation of safe spaces for drug use

Greek Parliament on Thursday voted to open supervised drug consumption sites where people can use drugs with sterile injection equipment under the supervision of trained staff. (ekathimerini.com, Griechenland, 07.03.2019)


UK. Police back ‘shooting galleries’ for drug users

Senior police officers are backing plans to create a national network of drug consumption rooms, known as “shooting galleries”, where addicts are provided with drugs such as heroin, paid for by the state. (The Times, UK, 03.03.2019)


Evaluation of a fentanyl drug checking service for clients of a supervised injection facility, Vancouver, Canada.

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The projected costs and benefits of a supervised injection facility in Seattle, WA, USA.

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Impact of drug consumption rooms on risk practices and access to care in people who inject drugs in France: the COSINUS prospective cohort study protocol.

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USA. Philadelphia Mulls Supervised Injections to Cut Drug Deaths

For nearly two decades, Vancouver, the epicenter of Canada's increasingly deadly drug epidemic, has embraced an initiative that was once dismissed as a reckless experiment but has since won over some of its fiercest critics: a walk-in facility where addicts can inject heroin under the watch of medical professionals . (VOA - Voice of America, USA, 18.02.2019) 


USA. Safe Consumption Sites: Study Identifies Policy Change Strategies and Challenges

Understanding community experiences may inform others seeking to establish safe consumption sites

A new qualitative study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health identifies several key lessons from early efforts to establish sanctioned safe consumption sites in five U.S. communities. The results offer insights on one approach some localities are exploring to address the escalating drug overdose crisis in the U.S.  (Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA, 13.02.2019)


USA. U.S. Prosecutors Sue To Stop Nation's First Supervised Injection Site For Opioids

After months of threats, federal prosecutors in Philadelphia launched a legal challenge on Wednesday against the nonprofit Safehouse, which is hoping to open what could be the nation's first site where people with opioid addiction can use drugs under medical supervision. (NPR – National Public Radio, USA, 06.022.2019)


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Luxemburg. Luxembourg to Open Drug Consumption Room Near French Border

Luxembourg will open a safer drug consumption room (DCR) - the country's second - during the first quarter of 2019, the health minister has announced. (TALKING DRUGS, UK, 25.01.2019)


Australien. Lessons from the heroin injecting room

(...) In the more than 18 years since it opened, there have been more than one million injections supervised. In that time there has been 8000 overdoses – but there has not been one single death. (The Age, Australien, 16.01.2019)


Mobile supervised consumption services in Rural British Columbia: lessons learned

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Australien/Canberra. Why 'stagnating' injecting room laws could finally be put to use

The people behind the ACT's initial push to open a safe injecting room almost 20 years ago say the current proposal is well overdue.

A drug strategy report released this week flagged the possibility of Canberra finally getting a supervised injecting room, almost decades after legislation was passed. (The Age, Australien, 15.12.2018)


USA. Joint Statement of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Denver Field Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration regarding the City and County of Denver’s Proposal to Create Supervised Locations to Inject Heroin and Other Illegal Drugs

DENVER -- The Denver City Council recently passed an ordinance that proposes establishing supervised use sites, where drug users would be allowed to lawfully inject heroin and other illegal drugs in a facility operated by a governmental organization or a nonprofit.  This proposal still has a number of steps to go before it becomes a reality.  In the meantime, there are a few things Coloradans should know.

Foremost, the operation of such sites is illegal under federal law.  21 U.S.C. Sec. 856 prohibits the maintaining of any premises for the purpose of using any controlled substance.  Potential penalties include forfeiture of the property, criminal fines, civil monetary penalties up to $250,000, and imprisonment up to 20 years in jail for anyone that knowingly opens, leases, rents, maintains, or anyone that manages or controls and knowingly and intentionally makes available such premises for use (whether compensated or otherwise).  Other federal laws likely apply as well. (Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Colorado, 04.12.2018)


Irland. Medically Supervised Injecting Facility -- Information booklet

What is a Medically Supervised Injecting Facility (MSIF)?

A Medically Supervised Injecting Facility (MSIF) is a healthcare facility where people can inject drugs, obtained elsewhere, under the supervision of trained health professionals. They offer a compassionate, person-centred service which reduces the harm associated with injecting drug use and can help people access appropriate services. (Merchants Quay Ireland, Dezember 2018)


Considering Heroin-Assisted Treatment and Supervised Drug Consumption Sites in the United States.

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USA. Times Square Billboards Urge Gov. Cuomo to "Give the Gift of Life" by Authorizing Overdose Prevention Centers 

New York, NY: Advocates and family members who have lost loved ones to overdose blasted Gov. Cuomo in a series of billboards that began airing throughout Times Square on Giving Tuesday, pressing the Governor to "Give the Gift of Life" this holiday season by authorizing Overdose Prevention Centers. The centers, also known as safer consumption spaces (SCS), are a proven tool for preventing unnecessary and tragic overdose deaths. (drugpolicy.org, USA, 27.11.2018)


Finnland. Helsinki May Open Finland’s First Drug Consumption Room

Helsinki City Council has approved an initiative to consider the introduction of a safer drug consumption room (DCR) in the city, which would be Finland’s first. (Talking Drugs, UK, 19.11.2018)


USA. Denver trying again for possible 1st US drug injection site

Despite federal opposition, Denver is trying again to become what could be the first U.S. city to open a supervised drug injection site, a strategy that some liberal cities have tried repeatedly to launch to reduce overdose deaths fueled by a nationwide opioid epidemic. (MedicalXpress, USA, 27.11.2018)


USA. Service Workers Say Supervised Injection Facilities Could Cut Restroom Overdoses

(Reuters Health) - During interviews about opioid overdoses in public restrooms, New York City service industry workers said they supported the idea of supervised injection facilities because such facilities might reduce injection drug use in their workplaces, researchers report. (medscape, 18.11.2018)


Perspectives on supervised injection facilities among service industry employees in New York City: A qualitative exploration.

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Griechenland. Greece Health Ministry Plans Drug Consumption Rooms

The Greek health ministry is preparing a legislative amendment to permit the opening of drug consumption rooms in Athens, after a university’s claim that it’s overwhelmed by widespread public drug use. (Talking Drugs, UK, 14.11.2018)