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Assessing Drug Consumption Rooms and Longer Term (5 Year) Impacts on Community and Clients. 

Tran V, Reid SE, Roxburgh A, Day CA. 

Risk Manag Healthc Policy. 2021;14:4639-4647, doi.org/10.2147/RMHP.S244720


Kanada. WHY SCS: Canada is experiencing an overdose emergency, which killed over 21,000 people between 2016 and 2020. Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) are a core component of Canada’s overdose response.

WHY SCS is a project of the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). The WHY SCS team works with substance use researchers, people with lived and/or living experience of substance use, and healthcare providers to provide accurate information about supervised consumption services (SCS) in Canada. (WHY SCS, Kanada, November 2021)


Mexiko. The Risk Environment of People Who Inject Drugs in the U.S./Mexico Border: The case of Mexicali, the harm reduction NGO “Verter”, and the first safe consumption site in Latin America, La Sala.

How can we address issues of substance use in high-risk environments? The Northern Mexican border, a major drug and migratory route, is one of the only regions in Latin America where people inject drugs. In the city of Mexicali, the harm reduction NGO “Verter” serves this neglected population. Verter provides services such as an unsanctioned safe consumption site and a needle exchange program, among others. This presentation will describe the “risk environment” of Mexicali, situate the work of Verter, and consider the implications for harm reduction interventions in under-resourced contexts. (Pablo González-Nieto, Quest University, Kanada, 2020)


USA. In a bid to stop overdose deaths, California could allow drug use at supervised sites 

(…) Deaths from drug overdoses have surged during the pandemic, claiming more than 90,000 lives last year across the country, according to federal data. As the numbers have soared, many experts, advocates and lawmakers have promoted an idea still fresh to the United States: giving people a safe place to inject drugs under supervision. 

In California, it would be the most dramatic step to date for government and health officials in pursuing the philosophy of harm reduction, which seeks pragmatic ways to reduce the harmful effects of drug use. The idea was shot down three years ago by Gov. Jerry Brown, who vetoed a bill to try out such sites in San Francisco and said that “enabling illegal and destructive drug use will never work.” (Los Angeles Times, USA, 23.10.2021)


USA. Rhode Island Set to Be First State to Pilot Safe-Injection Sites for Drug Users 

Sites for users of fentanyl, other drugs would test strategy of harm reduction over criminalization. (Wall Street Journal, USA, 04.11.2021)


Predicting the impact of placing an overdose prevention site in Philadelphia: a mathematical modeling approach. 

Wares, J.R., Dong, J., Gevertz, J.L. et al. 

Harm Reduct J 18, 110 (2021). doi.org/10.1186/s12954-021-00559-4


"You don't have to squirrel away in a staircase": Patient motivations for attending a novel supervised drug consumption service in acute care. 

Kosteniuk B, Salvalaggio G, McNeil R, Brooks HL, Dong K, Twan S, Brouwer J, Hyshka E. 

Int J Drug Policy. 2021 May 18:103275. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2021.103275. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34020865.


Schottland. Safer drug consumption facilities: evidence paper

This paper highlights the evidence in support of safer drug consumption facilities. (Scottish Government, 21.10.2021)


USA/NY. De Blasio administration pushes to approve supervised injection sites 

The New York City health department is “moving aggressively” to green-light a long-stalled pilot program to open at least two supervised injection facilities aimed at reducing overdose deaths, according to four people with knowledge of the plan. (politico, USA, 25.10.2021)


USA. For Maine’s Church of Safe Injection, a Bittersweet Legalization

On September 17, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized a Maine syringe service program (SSP) to do what it had already been doing for several years. Church of Safe Injection (CoSI) will now be legally delivering hypodermic syringes to five municipalities: Bethel, Dixfield and Rumford—small Oxford County towns with populations of a few thousand each—and the larger cities of Lewiston and Westbrook. (Filter, USA, 07.10.2021)


USA. Supreme Court Setback in Safehouse Fight for SCS: Will Biden Break His Silence?

On October 12, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) chose not to hear a lawsuit over Philadelphia nonprofit Safehouse. The embattled harm reduction group, which for the past several years has been on the frontlines of the fight to open legal safe consumption sites (SCS) in the US, vowed to keep pursuing the case in federal court. (Filter, USA, 14.10.2021)


Schweiz. Offene Drogenszene in Chur: «Wir Drögeler sind denen da oben egal»

Im Churer Stadtpark hat sich eine der letzten offenen Drogenszenen etabliert. Die Süchtigen verwahrlosen immer mehr. Fachleute, Drögeler und die Stadt fordern ein Fixerstübli. Doch der Zuständige, der Kanton, blockt. Wo liegt das Problem? Ein Besuch im Stadtpark. (Blick, Schweiz, 12.09.2021)


Kanada/Nova Scotia. Sydney overdose prevention site could include machine that dispenses safe supplies of opioids

Organizers hope to take part in nationally funded project that uses palm scanning to safely dispense opioids. (CBC, Kanada, 28.09.2021)


Kanada. Like a 'war zone': Some Toronto supervised consumption sites dealing with unprecedented numbers of ODs

Some days registered nurse Jessica Arteaga feels like she works at a field hospital in a war zone.

Arteaga works at Keep6ix, South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s supervised consumption site.

Since the onset of the pandemic, she said “unprecedented” numbers of people have overdosed on drugs at the east Toronto program.

In April 2019, the team at Keep6ix helped reverse five overdoses. Last March, that number hit 68. (The Star, Kanada, 03.10.2021)


USA. Urgent Calls For Supervised Drug Consumption At State House Hearing

Doctors, drug users, parents who’ve lost children to an overdose and street outreach workers on Monday urged lawmakers to launch a pilot of two or more supervised drug consumption sites in Massachusetts. (wbur.org, USA, 27.09.2021)


Australien. Medically supervised injecting rooms and the politics of illicit drug policy

It’s often presumed that centre-left political parties and governments favour a public health-based approach to illicit drug use designed mainly to save lives and reduce harm to individuals and the community, even if it results in an overall increase in drug use (what is called harm reduction).

In contrast, centre-right political counterparts prefer a law enforcement-based approach that prioritises a reduction in drug use irrespective of whether it results in higher levels of mortality for existing drug users (what is called zero tolerance). (Monash Universitiy, Australien, 30.08.2921)


USA. Rhode Island set to establish nation’s first harm reduction centers

Legislation written by the Rhode Island Medical Society (RIMS) and signed into law by Gov. Daniel McKee establishes a two-year pilot program to design, open and operate the nation’s first harm reduction centers that will save lives and direct people to treatment for substance-use disorders (SUDs). (AMA – American Medical Association, USA, 09.08.2021)


Portugal. Porto to implement supervised drug-use site

This might be Portugal’s first non-mobile structure to offer such services

Twenty years after decriminalizing hard drug use, Portugal is now also turning to the provision of centres where users can safely consume drugs under the supervision of qualified medical and social personnel. The first such centre started in Lisbon in 2019 under the form of a mobile unit.

Porto will likely be the first city in the country to set up a permanent structure for the implementation of this specialized service. (themayor.eu, 13.07.2021)


Webinar. Drug Consumption Rooms - Astrid Leicht, Fixpunkt Berlin

Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs), also known as Supervised/Safe Injection Facilities (SIFs), or Overdose Prevention Centres (OPCs), provide safe environments for people to consume controlled drugs under the supervision of trained professionals who can save lives if medical emergencies such as overdoses take place. These facilities can be a powerful harm reduction strategy when implemented correctly.

In this webinar, we learn from Astrid Leicht, co-founder of FixPunkt, who runs 2 successful drug consumption rooms in Berlin, including at the infamous Kottbusser Tor. Nationwide, there are 25 drug consumption rooms in Germany, and Astrid gives a detailed summary of the impact that these have had on drug use and drug-related harms. (Drug Science, UK, 21.06.2021)


Understanding the Stigma and Feasibility of Opening a Safe Injection Facility in Baltimore City: A Qualitative Case Study. 

Dupree, T., Wood, C. I., & Brace, A. M. (2021). 

The Qualitative Report, 26(6), 1911-1931. doi.org/10.46743/2160-3715/2021.4689 


Drogenkonsumräume in Nordrhein-Westfalen - Jahresbericht 2020

Herausgeberin: Geschäftsstelle der Suchtkooperation NRW (2021)


UK. Waiting for the Van (Audio)

In September 2020, drug policy activist Peter Krykant decided he'd had enough. The former heroin addict, turned frontline campaigner, bought a minivan and kitted it out with sanitisers and needles, a supply of naloxone- the medication used to reverse an opioid overdose- and a defibrillator. (BBC Sounds, UK,20.07.2021, Audio, 37:00)


The Impact of Supervised Consumption Services on Fentanyl-related Deaths: Lessons Learned from Alberta's Provincial Data. 

Marshall T, Abba-Aji A, Tanguay R, Greenshaw AJ. 

Can J Psychiatry. 2021 Mar 19:706743721999571. doi: 10.1177/0706743721999571. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33739168.


The Ontario Integrated Supervised Injection Services Cohort Study of People Who Inject Drugs in Toronto, Canada (OiSIS-Toronto): Cohort Profile. 

Scheim AI, Sniderman R, Wang R, Bouck Z, McLean E, Mason K, Bardwell G, Mitra S, Greenwald ZR, Thavorn K, Garber G, Baral SD, Rourke SB, Werb D. 

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USA. RI Assembly OKs Onsite Supervised Drug Use Centers 

Such harm reduction centers would let people "safely consume pre-obtained substances" under medical supervision while also getting help. (patch.com, USA, 02.07.2021)


Irland. Mobile injecting centre could ‘get ball rolling’ amid continued delays to Dublin site, doctor says

Mobile injecting centres could "get the ball rolling" on a much-needed service while addressing locals' concerns about a planned permanent site, a specialist has said. (newstalk, Irland, 16.06.2021)


Irland. GP: Legislation is now four years old but Ireland is still without its first drug injecting centre

Dr Garrett McGovern says there’s no excuse not to have injecting centres by now. (The Journal, Irland, 15.06.2021)


Australien. After furious debate, Melbourne council votes to support safe-injecting room in CBD

A motion by councillor Roshena Campbell – a senior Liberal party figure – opposing a safe-injecting room anywhere in the city was narrowly defeated, while a second vote on a council management report that recommended supporting a Victorian government service was successful. (SMH – Sydney Morning Herald, Australien, 25.05.2021)


International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms

The International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms is a platform where the latest information and scientific evidence can shared, experiences can be discussed, advocacy initiatives can be supported, and the policies and field practices can be shared among professionals and organisations working in or around Drug Consumption Rooms. (Stand Mai 2021)


Australien. ‘Game changer’ treatment cuts heroin use

An opioid treatment being introduced around Australia has been dubbed a game changer after dozens of users at Melbourne’s safe injecting room stopped taking heroin.

The Richmond site was among the first in Australia to provide depot buprenorphine, a slow-release injection given weekly or monthly, outside clinical trials after it was approved for use in September 2019. (Sydney Morning Herald, Australien, 10.05.2021)