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USA. Times Square Billboards Urge Gov. Cuomo to "Give the Gift of Life" by Authorizing Overdose Prevention Centers 

New York, NY: Advocates and family members who have lost loved ones to overdose blasted Gov. Cuomo in a series of billboards that began airing throughout Times Square on Giving Tuesday, pressing the Governor to "Give the Gift of Life" this holiday season by authorizing Overdose Prevention Centers. The centers, also known as safer consumption spaces (SCS), are a proven tool for preventing unnecessary and tragic overdose deaths. (drugpolicy.org, USA, 27.11.2018)


Finnland. Helsinki May Open Finland’s First Drug Consumption Room

Helsinki City Council has approved an initiative to consider the introduction of a safer drug consumption room (DCR) in the city, which would be Finland’s first. (Talking Drugs, UK, 19.11.2018)


USA. Denver trying again for possible 1st US drug injection site

Despite federal opposition, Denver is trying again to become what could be the first U.S. city to open a supervised drug injection site, a strategy that some liberal cities have tried repeatedly to launch to reduce overdose deaths fueled by a nationwide opioid epidemic. (MedicalXpress, USA, 27.11.2018)


USA. Service Workers Say Supervised Injection Facilities Could Cut Restroom Overdoses

(Reuters Health) - During interviews about opioid overdoses in public restrooms, New York City service industry workers said they supported the idea of supervised injection facilities because such facilities might reduce injection drug use in their workplaces, researchers report. (medscape, 18.11.2018)


Perspectives on supervised injection facilities among service industry employees in New York City: A qualitative exploration.

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Griechenland. Greece Health Ministry Plans Drug Consumption Rooms

The Greek health ministry is preparing a legislative amendment to permit the opening of drug consumption rooms in Athens, after a university’s claim that it’s overwhelmed by widespread public drug use. (Talking Drugs, UK, 14.11.2018)


USA. 'Dozens' of underground heroin-injection sites operating now in King County

Shilo Jama showed us the needle exchange he runs in Seattle's University District.

The supplies, including needles and naloxone, are not all that different from what he found when he visited underground supervised consumption sites in and around Seattle.

Jama said his organization, the People's Harm Reduction Alliance, has no role in running the illegal supervised consumption sites. (KIRO7, USA, 12.11.2018)


Schottland. Scottish Government continues push for safe drug consumption room in Glasgow

THE Scottish Government has pledged to keep pushing the UK Government to allow it to set up a trial consumption room in Glasgow. (The National, Schottland, 11.11.2018)


Irland. Injecting centre for heroin and cocaine addicts will damage tourism, publicans warn

Plans have been lodged for the redevelopment of Merchant’s Quay that will include seven medically supervised injecting rooms. (Dublin live, 08.11.2018)


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Kanada. Ontario government to keep overdose-prevention sites

The Ontario government has decided to keep the province’s overdose-prevention sites and repurpose them as “consumption and treatment services,” a senior government official says. (Globe and mail, Kanda, 21.10.2018)


Irland. First ever state-funded heroin injection centre will cater for 60 addicts a day 

The planned new State-funded injecting centre for chronic heroin and cocaine addicts in Dublin’s inner city is to cater for around 60 addicts each day and is to open at 6.30 each morning. (Irish Examiner, Irland, 22.10.2018)


USA. Safer Consumption Spaces: Three Underground Models

“For years, the idea of a safe consumption space captivated the imagination of drug users everywhere,” says Isaac Jackson, president of the San Francisco chapter of the Urban Survivors Union. “It was like the promised land. A place where we would take care of each other and no one would get busted or get sick or die from an overdose. I hope folks aren’t going to get too disappointed when they finally open.” (Filter, USA, 18.10.2018)


USA. Feds bid to stop Philly safe injection site may be test for rest of U.S. 

The options U.S. Attorney William McSwain described offered the most concrete outline yet of the federal government’s potential response should the proposal’s backers move forward on a supervised drug-injections site. 

(...) “Nobody is above the law — and by that I mean nobody,” McSwain said. “I mean the leaders who would be involved in setting up this proposed deadly drug-injection site, the board members … the city officials who would be involved in supporting it, the medical personnel who might be staffing it or the folks who might be using the drugs.”(Seattle Times, USA, 13.10.2018)


Berlin. UN-Vertreter ruft zu mehr Anstrengungen gegen Aids auf

Berlin – Der Vize-Chef des HIV/Aids-Programms der Vereinten Nationen, Tim Martineau, hat Deutschland zu mehr Anstrengungen im Kampf gegen Aids aufgefordert. Deutschland könne Neuinfektionen verhindern und durch Drogenkonsum verursachte Schäden vermindern, sagte er heute bei einem Besuch von Einrichtungen der Drogenhilfe in Berlin. (aerzteblatt.de, 15.10.2018)


USA. San Francisco mayor weighs drug injection site despite veto

SAN FRANCISCO—A veto by California Gov. Jerry Brown blocking a supervised drug injection site in San Francisco has left the mayor deciding whether to go it alone on the issue.

Driven in part by a family tragedy, Mayor London Breed has long pledged to open what could be the first such site in the country to provide space for people to inject drugs and a “chill” room where they could recover. (The Star, Kanada, 02.10.2018)


USA. ‘An argument that made no sense at all’: Why Ed Rendell supported needle exchange during the AIDS epidemic and safe injection sites today

On Tuesday, former Gov. Ed Rendell announced that he is incorporating a nonprofit, called Safehouse, that will work to open a safe injection site in the city. Responding to a recent threat by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that federal law enforcement would crack down on a site if one were to open, Rendell told WHYY: "My address is in the offices of the Bellevue and he [Rosenstein] can come and arrest me first." (The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA, 05.10.2018)


USA. 'Come And Arrest Me': Former Pa. Governor Defies Justice Department On Safe Injection

In Philadelphia, a battle between local officials and the Trump administration is heating up. (NPR – National Public Radio, USA, 05.10.2018)


Schweiz. Lausanne eröffnet zweiten Fixerraum in der Romandie

Nach jahrelangem politischen Widerstand können Süchtige in Lausanne bald in einem sauberen und geschützten Rahmen illegale Drogen konsumieren. Am Montag wird dort das erste "Fixerstübli" eröffnet. (swissinfo.ch, 28.09.2018)


USA. California's Jerry Brown rejects supervised drug injection plan

California Gov. Jerry Brown rejected legislation on Sunday that would have allowed San Francisco to open what could be the nation's first supervised drug injection site under a pilot program. Advocates of "safe injection" sites say the locations would save lives by preventing drug overdoses and providing access to counseling.

But the U.S. government and other critics say taxpayers should not be helping users shoot up heroin, methamphetamine or other illegal drugs. (CBS News, USA, 01.10.2018)


USA. Special Response: Over 100 Researchers and Practitioners Respond to Rod Rosenstein on Safe Injection Sites

In response to the current opioid crisis a number of cities in the United States are considering establishing safe injection sites for users of heroin and other illegal drugs. This is not a new idea. Cities in Canada and Europe currently have them, including a successful program in Vancouver. Safe injection sites provide a place for people to inject illicit drugs under medical supervision. In addition to a clean and warm space, they typically offer sterile injecting equipment and basic healthcare. Many also provide referrals to treatment, housing and other services. Critically, all safe injection sites include trained staff to respond to overdose, leading many experts to refer to them as “overdose prevention sites,” to better reflect this core aim. (Alcohol and Drugs History Society, USA, 20.09.2018)


Karlsruhe. Diakonie eröffnet ersten Alkoholkonsumraum für Suchtkranke

Karlsruhe – Der landesweit erste Alkoholkonsumraum für Suchtkranke ist heute in Karlsruhe eröffnet worden. In dem „Alkohol Akzeptierenden Aufenthaltsraum“ der Diakonie – so der offizielle Name – können Betroffene selbst mitgebrachtes Bier oder Wein trinken, aber nichts Hochprozentiges wie Schnaps. Zudem können Betroffene mit Sozialarbeitern sprechen. Die Örtlichkeit ist, zusammen mit dem vom nächstem Jahr an ebenfalls in Karlsruhe geplanten ersten Drogenkonsumraum im Südwesten, Teil des Konzepts zur Entschärfung der Situation am Karlsruher Werderplatz. (aerzteblatt.de, 21.09.2018)


Schweiz. Monitoring des Substanzkonsums in den Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen - Jahresbericht 2017

Ein Projekt der Kontakt und Anlaufstellen Schweiz und von Infodrog. (infodrog, 2017/2018)


DCR – Drug Consumption Rooms Worldmap

(Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network, September 2018


Niederlande. Successes & Challenges: 20 years of Drug Consumption Rooms in The Netherlands (Video)

A documentary produced in collaboration with MAINline, with the generous support of AIDS Fonds. Recorded and edited by Visionary Minds. (Correlation Network, Niederlande, August 2018, Video, 05:36)


USA. Safe-injection legal battle brewing in SF — health intervention or drug den?

If Gov. Jerry Brown goes along, San Francisco plans to establish what could be the nation’s first legal, supervised safe injection site for drug users. But there’s a potentially serious legal obstacle: a 3-decade-old federal law that was directed at shutting down dens of crack cocaine dealers and users. (San Francisco Chronicle, 03.09.2018) 


UK. Heroin addicts to get drug use clinic in Middlesbrough

Heroin users in Middlesbrough will be allowed to self-administer drugs at a new clinic. 

Cleveland Police said the scheme targets the most prolific offenders to break the cycle of drug use, crime and prison. (BBC, 03.09.2018)


USA. Groundbreaking Supervised Consumption Services Bill Passes the California Senate 

Senate Votes for AB 186 to Prevent Drug Overdose Deaths in San Francisco. (DPA – Drug Policy Alliance, 21.08.2018)


USA. Opinion: Fight Drug Abuse, Don’t Subsidize It - Americans struggling with addiction need treatment and reduced access to deadly drugs. They do not need a taxpayer-sponsored haven to shoot up. 

By Rod J. Rosenstein

Mr. Rosenstein is the deputy attorney general of the United States. (New York Times, 27.08.2018)