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Navigating NAS - Themenseite der American Academy of Pediatrics

The #NavigatingNAS Campaign will feature four quarters, each devoted to a different aspect of the continuum of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Each quarter will provide educational materials for clinical practice and resources for families in addition to webinars, podcasts, and social media outreach.


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Perinatal Opioid Exposure Primes the Peripheral Immune System Toward Hyperreactivity. 

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Identification of Substance-Exposed Newborns and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Using ICD-10-CM - 15 Hospitals, Massachusetts, 2017. 

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USA. In The Fight For Money For The Opioid Crisis, Will The Youngest Victims Be Left Out?

Babies born to mothers who used opioids during pregnancy represent one of the most distressing legacies of an opioid epidemic that has claimed almost 400,000 lives and ravaged communities.

In fact, many of the ongoing lawsuits filed against drug companies refer to these babies, fighting through withdrawal in hospital nurseries.

The cluster of symptoms they experience, which include tremors, seizures and respiratory distress, is known as neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS. Until recently, doctors rarely looked for the condition. Then case numbers quadrupled over a decade. Hospital care for newborns with NAS has cost Medicaid billions of dollars. (KHN – Kaiser Health News, USA, 13.12.2019)


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