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Война и снижение вреда в Украине

Украинцы, употреблящие наркотики, столкнулись з огромной проблемой доступа к программам снижения вреда из-зароссийской военной агрессии в Украине. По официальным данным, в Украине около 317 тысяч потребителей инъекционныхнаркотиков. По состоянию на январь 2022 года, 14 868 наркопотребителей получали заместительную поддерживающуютерапию методоном и бупренорфином. Украина финансировала эти программы с 2017 года. Тогда же государство значительноувеличило доступ к программам распространения стерильного инъекционного инструментария, презервативов иконсультирования равный-равному, согласно рекомендациями ВООЗ о минимальном пакете услуг снижения вреда дляпрофилактики распространения ВИЧ в Украине. (How Russia’s War Impacts Harm Reduction Programmes in Ukraine) (Talking Drugs, UK, 31.03.2022)


Message from Ukraine

What has the situation been for drug users in Ukraine since the war started? A conversation with Svitlana*, former drug user and harm reduction activist: “Everything changed overnight”. (Mainline, Niederlande, Frühjahr 2022)


NGOs call for implementation of measures to ensure continuity of HIV and opioid dependency treatment for people displaced by the war in Ukraine

On 21 April, NGOs working with and representing the interests of communities of people living with and affected by HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and drug dependence in Europe addressed a letter to governments in the EU and EU institutions. The organisations report on the great will of various partners to accommodate the needs of people escaping the war but also major obstacles, especially regarding access to opiod agonist therapy. Therefore, the NGOs call on governments in the EU and EU institutions to implement a set of urgent measures. (Correlation, Niederlande, 22.04.2022)


Ударная доза

Война в Украине оставила людей, употребляющих наркотики, без заместительной терапии. Теперь одни ищут закладки среди мин, другие — вступают в тероборону. (Real stories of opiate substitution therapy patients suffering from the Russian invasion in Ukraine) (Novaya Gazeta Europe , Lettland, 22.04.2022)


Harm Reduction for Ukrainians (telegram channel)

Телеграм канал для підтримки людей, які вживають наркотики та інших уразливих груп населення України


Hilfstransporte in die Ukraine gehen unvermindert weiter

Köln – In der Ukraine werden weiterhin dringend Hilfsgüter benötigt. Morgen will die Caritas erneut 44 Paletten mit Medikamenten und medizinischem Verbrauchsmaterial von Deutschland aus in die Ukraine versenden. (aerzteblatt.de, 03.05.2022)


Evacuation challenges and bad optics: Why Ukrainians are losing faith in the ICRC

‘We were all traitors and our volunteers were getting guns pointed at them.’

KYIV. Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, the International Committee of the Red Cross – one of the world’s oldest and most venerated humanitarian organisations – has found itself engulfed by a neutrality row, marked by unsubstantiated claims that it has been abetting the forced evacuation of civilians to Russia and broader perceptions that it hasn’t done enough to assist Ukrainians. (The New Humanitarian, Genf, 03.05.202)


Humanitarian access disintegrating in Ukraine: MSF. 

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The Role of Europe's Schools of Public Health in Times of War: ASPHER Statement on the War Against Ukraine. 

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Fluchtmigration: Für eine gute Gesundheit sorgen

Dtsch Arztebl 2022; 119(17): A-764 / B-628

Kajikhina, Katja; Sarma, Navina; Hauer, Barbara; Hövener, Claudia; Dietrich, Martin; Wieler, Lothar H.


KBV. Neues Jobportal für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine – Praxen können freie Stellen melden

Viele Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine suchen aktuell nicht nur nach einer Unterbringung, sondern auch nach einem Job. Darunter sind auch berufserfahrene Ärzte, medizinisches Personal und Psychotherapeuten. Ein neues Jobportal unterstützt sie dabei, eine Arbeit in Deutschland zu finden. (KBV-Praxisnachrichten, 05.05.2022)


Standardized protocol for clinical management and medical data-sharing for people living with HIV among refugees from Ukraine. 

Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe; 2022. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO.


Services for Vulnerable Migrants who use Drugs in the EU: Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Germany, France

Several risk factors increase the vulnerability of (new) groups of migrants to engage in problematic drug use. These risk factors include traumatic experiences, disengagement with society, unemployment and poverty. Services and municipalities throughout the European Union are faced with the urgent challenge to address these migrants’ needs. (MAINline, Niederlande, 2022)

MAINline, ISGlobal, Ghent University, C-EHRN, Fixpunkt, Gaia and Positive Voice


mRNA-Auffrischung für geimpfte Ukraine-Flüchtlinge. 

Bublak R. 

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Health-care provision for displaced populations arriving from Ukraine. 

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Neue Kontaktstelle für Ukraine-Geflüchtete mit Behinderungen und Pflegebedarf

Berlin – Eine neue bundesweite Kontaktstelle beim Deutschen Roten Kreuz (DRK) unterstützt ab sofort Ukraine-Geflüchtete mit Behinderungen und Pflegebedarf. Träger sind die Bundesministerien für Arbeit und Soziales und für Gesundheit (BMAS). (aerzteblatt.de, 04.05.2022)


Public health issues and health rendezvous for migrants from conflict zones in Ukraine: A French practice guideline. 

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Geflüchtete: Integrationsministerkonferenz für finanzielle Hilfe des Bundes bei psychosozialer Unterstützung

Hamburg – Der Bund solle die Länder bei der psychosozialen Versorgung von Geflüchteten finanziell unterstützen. Dies beschloss heute die Integrationsministerkonferenz einstimmig. (aerzteblatt.de, 28.04.2022)


When Putin Labels Zelensky a “Drug Addict,” It Implicates the Wider World

After two months, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has directly caused unknown tens of thousands of deaths, with widespread evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces. With no end in sight, further devastating impacts range from the displacement of millions from and within Ukraine to the prospect of global food shortages.

Another casualty of war, as they say, is truth.

Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a lot of accusations against Volodymyr Zelensky that are demonstrably and outlandishly false. These attempts of a despot to justify war include the offensive absurdity of calling the Jewish president of Ukraine a “Nazi”—which scholars have dissected, and which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has just exacerbated—together with bombast and censorship aimed at rallying nationalist sentiment in Russia.

Less recognized is the deep social stigma Putin seeks to mobilize when he labels Zelensky and the elected leadership of Ukraine “drug addicts.” (Filter, USA, 02.05.2022)



UNODC Research, April 2022


War on Ukraine: Impact on Ukrainian Medical Students. 

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Impact of war on the dynamics of COVID-19 in Ukraine. 

Chumachenko D, Chumachenko T. 

BMJ Glob Health. 2022 Apr;7(4):e009173. doi: 10.1136/bmjgh-2022-009173. PMID: 35428677; PMCID: PMC9013784.


Russo-Ukrainian war: An unexpected event during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Choudhary OP, Saied AA, Priyanka, Ali RK, Maulud SQ. 

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Sustaining HIV services for people who use drugs in Odesa

Odesa is a major Black Sea port, with a substantial drug use. In the 1990s, Odesa saw the outbreak of HIV infection in Ukraine. But more recently it has successfully developed one of the world’s most effective systems of harm reduction services for people who use drugs. The system is funded by the state and local budgets and implemented jointly with non-governmental and community organizations. Odesa was one of the first cities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that signed the Paris Declaration. Last year, it reported a reduction of new HIV cases among people who use drugs.

Natalia Kitsenko is head of the public health department of the Road to Home Foundation, one of Odesa’s oldest organizations providing services to people who use drugs. UNAIDS spoke with her about how her organization has been managing to continue to help people in need, even during this war. (UNAIDS, 22.04.2022)


ECDC. Testing for tuberculosis infection and screening for tuberculosis disease among refugees arriving in European countries from Ukraine

This document provides an overview of public health guidance on testing for TB infection, TB preventive treatment and screening for TB disease, in the context of the mass influx of people arriving in European countries from Ukraine. (ECDC - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - An agency of the European Union, Stockholm/Schweden, 07.04.2022)


Vaccination of Ukrainian Refugees: Need for Urgent Action. 

Rzymski P, Falfushynska H, Fal A. 

Clin Infect Dis. 2022 Apr 11:ciac276. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciac276. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35435230.


Інформація для біженців з України

Тут ви знайдете колекцію посилань з інформацією щодо підтримки психічного здоров'я для людей з України: (BApK - Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch erkrankter Menschen e.V., April 2022)



Krieg in der Ukraine – Hilfen im Überblick

Der Krieg in der Ukraine nimmt kein Ende. Wie kann ich helfen? Wo finde ich Hilfe? Wir haben eine Liste an Spendenmöglichkeiten und (psychologischen) Anlaufstellen für Sie erstellt. (Psychiatrie Verlag, April 2022)


Mental health of migrants with pre-migration exposure to armed conflict: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mesa-Vieira, Cristina et al.

The Lancet Public Health, Volume 7, Issue 5, e469 - e481 


BÄK. Reinhardt beklagt Organisationsmängel bei Behandlung von Kriegsverletzten

Berlin – Der Präsident der Bundesärztekammer, Klaus Reinhardt, sieht in Deutschland strukturelle Hindernisse für die medizinische Versorgung von Kriegsverletzten und Kranken aus der Ukraine. „Organisatorisch ist Deutschland nicht gut aufgestellt, um Erkrankte und Schwerverletzte, die in der Ukraine nicht versorgt werden können, zu behandeln“, sagte er den Zeitungen des RedaktionsNetzwerks Deutschland heute. (aerzteblatt.de, 19.04.2022)