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The combination of naltrexone and ketamine can help treat both symptoms of addiction and depression, a preliminary study by Yale University researchers suggests. (Yale News, USA, 09.01.2019)



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Excerpt: Limited data indicate that naltrexone is minimally excreted into breastmilk. If naltrexone is required by the mother, it is not a reason to discontinue breastfeeding.


- Drug Levels and Effects

- Substance Identification

- Administrative Information

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Naltrexon (Naltrexin®)

Naltrexon eignet sich für ein kleines Segment hochmotivierter entgifteter opioidabhängiger Patienten, ohne aktuellen Opioidkonsum (weder im Rahmen einer SGB oder als illegaler Konsum). Polytoxikomanie ist eine Kontraindikation! (fosumos - Praxis Suchtmedizin Schweiz, aktualisiert am 18.05.2018)


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USA. Trump Opioid Plan Writes in Favoritism to Single Company’s Addiction Medication

The White House’s national strategy to combat the opioid crisis, unveiled last week, would expand a particular kind of addiction treatment in federal criminal justice settings: a single drug, manufactured by a single company, with mixed views on the evidence regarding its use.

Federal prisons should “facilitate naltrexone treatment and access to treatment” to inmates as they transition out of incarceration, according to a fact sheet circulated by the administration. A White House spokesman later confirmed to STAT that the document referred specifically to naltrexone in its injectable form.

Only one manufacturer makes a drug fitting that description: Alkermes, a Massachusetts pharmaceutical company that makes Vivitrol, a monthly injectable drug that blocks the effects of opioids and reduces cravings. (ATForum, USA, 06.04.2018)


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Excerpt: With the potential advantages of XR-NTX compared with oral naltrexone in patients with opioid use disorder, there is a need to determine whether XR-NTX is a viable treatment option. A review of the clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and guidelines for injectable and oral naltrexone to treat opioid use disorder will help inform decisions regarding treatment options for managing opioid dependence.


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