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Schweiz/Basel. Social Distancing beim Drogenkonsum

Mehr Schutz für Drogenabhängige vor dem Coronavirus: Die Suchthilfe Basel baut die Kontakt- und Anlaufstelle beim Wiesenkreisel mit einem Zelt-Provisorium aus. (Telebasel, Schweiz, 30.03.2020, Text und Video, 01:58)


USA/New York. Estimated 15,000 NYC Methadone Patients to Be Isolated. How Will They Get Meds? 

There are about 30,000 methadone patients in New York City, all taking methadone on a daily basis for opioid use disorder. About 15,000 of them are going to be isolated because of suspected exposure to or contracting of coronavirus, according to a New York City Department of Health estimate given to the top private-sector opioid treatment program official in the state. (Filter Magazine, USA, 26.03.2020)


When a Pandemic Strikes Americans Who Are Already Suffering

For the homeless, drug addicts, miners with black lung and people crammed in apartments, Covid-19 will hit hard. (NYT, 20.03.2020)


Schweiz. Wie die Pizza wird nun auch das Heroin nach Hause geliefert

Zürich/ARUD. Das grösste Schweizer Suchtzentrum begeht neue Wege: Es bringt wegen der Coronakrise den Süchtigen den Stoff nach Hause. (SRF – Schweizerischer Rundfunk, Test und Audio, 04:34, 26.03.2020)


USA It Took a Pandemic to Improve Some People’s Access to Opioid Addiction Meds

(…) Prescribing laws around such medications are stringent, particularly for opioid-based therapies like buprenorphine and methadone, but the federal government recently relaxed many regulations as part of the attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. (…)

When those changes took effect, Kinkle (…) hit the streets. Armed with a smartphone, he began offering people the chance to engage with a doctor right then and there—and walk away with a buprenorphine script. He obviously wasn’t happy about the pandemic, he was just excited to finally have the ability to offer people truly low-barrier, evidence-based treatment—the way it should always be.  (Filter Magazine, USA, 25.03.2020)


USA. Epidemics at Odds: Preventing the Next Wave of the Opioid Crisis During COVID-19

Addiction expert Miriam Komaromy offers a frank look at the opioid epidemic and shares how efforts are underway to keep crucial care accessible. (BMC – Boston Medical Center, USA, 23.03.2020)


Niederlande. Measures related to Corona for the vulnerable opiate-dependent patients 

We will continue to provide heroin for as long as possible, because closure will create even more misery for this target group. For patients who find the heroin supply too risky, they can choose to be compensated with methadone, in consultation it will be determined how often they will have to come a week for their methadone dosage or that it will be brought home (tailor-made care). (Peter Blanken, 20.03.2020)

Niederlande. Measures related to Corona for the vulnerable opiate-dependent patients