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USA. The Coronavirus Crisis: Opioid Addiction Is 'A Disease Of Isolation,' So Pandemic Puts Recovery At Risk

(…) "We consider addiction a disease of isolation," says Dr. Marvin Seppala, chief medical officer at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. "Now we're isolating all these people and expecting them to pick up the phone, get on line, that sort of thing — and it may not work out as well." (NPR – National Public Radio, USA, 27.03.2020)


Stages of drug market change during disaster: Hurricane Katrina and reformulation of the New Orleans drug market.

Dunlap E, Graves J, Benoit E.

Int J Drug Policy. 2012 Nov;23(6):473-80. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2012.04.003.


Niederlande. Weed Back on Sale in Coffee Shops Even as Amsterdam Locks Down

When legal shops were told to shut, street dealers jumped in - Mayors fearing crime asked that stores be allowed to sell. (Bloomberg 18.03.2020)


USA/Mexiko. Coronavirus Is Leading to Shortages of Fentanyl And Meth

The pandemic has slowed the production and export of chemicals from China to Mexico, for onward smuggling into the U.S. (Vice, USA, 19.03.2020)