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Kanada. British Columbia. Safe drug supply program still not reaching enough people in B.C., say advocates

The province says 3,329 people are now receiving hydromorphone as a safer alternative to toxic street drugs. (CBC, Kanada, 26.03.2021)


USA. Harm Reduction Services to Get $30 Million in First-Ever Federal Funding

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan signed into law last week contained a series of provisions that have excited Democrats and progressives. (…) 

Buried beneath the billions allocated for big-ticket items, three paragraphs in the 242-page legislation have given harm reductionists cause for celebration. They allocate $30 million for a range of harm reduction services and spell out a seismic change for the federal government’s approach to harm reduction. It is the first time the federal government has ever provided funding for such services. (Filter, USA, 16.03.2021)


USA. Covid-19’s big public health lesson: Ask people to be careful, not perfect

Harm reduction works. Covid-19 has proved it. (VOX, USA, 15.03.2021)


‘They already operated like it was a crisis, because it always has been a crisis’: a qualitative exploration of the response of one homeless service in Scotland to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Harm Reduction Tips for Avoiding COVID19 when Buying Drugs

This advice aims to protect you, your dealer, the police, and everyone.  It is safer for one dealer to visit lots of customers than for several customers to visit one dealer; both options are covered below.  Ask your dealer to follow these steps too. (inpud.net, 2020)


Harm Reduction Tips for Avoiding COVID19 while Drug Dealing

This advice aims to protect you, your customers, the police, and everyone.  It is safer for one dealer to visit several customers than for several customers to visit one dealer, but both options are covered below. (inpud.net, 2020)


Harm Reduction Advice for Heroin/Opioid Users on Avoiding COVID19

(inpud.net, 2020)


Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal, Brings Alcohol Harm Reduction to Unhoused People

Around the world, unhoused people lost access to drugs they need to survive as a result of disruptions to incomes and reduced retail hours caused by COVID-19 lockdown measures. Unlike countries such as the United States, Portuguese authorities quickly outlined an alcohol harm reduction vision for unhoused people as the country’s COVID-19 outbreak got under way in March 2020. (Filter, USA, 27.01.2021)


Kanada. Government of Canada supports four safer drug supply projects in British Columbia

Life-saving initiatives will provide pharmaceutical-grade medication as alternative to toxic illegal drug supply during COVID-19 outbreak and beyond

Vancouver, BC, Health Canada, 01.02.2021)


Kanada. Montreal safe injection site loses clientele amid fears of curfew fines

MONTREAL -- Montreal safe injection sites are seeing a sharp decline in users since Quebec's 8 p.m. curfew came into effect, and organizers are worried it could lead to a spike in overdoses. (CTV News, Kanada, 28.01.2021)


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