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EMCDDA. Register for our first COVID-19 webinar  

Next month, the EMCDDA will kick off a new series of webinars around the theme of COVID-19. The purpose of the webinars is to help those working in the drugs field understand how drug users, and those supporting them, are coping with the pandemic and to share knowledge and experience. The webinars will give a voice to key professionals working in the drugs field and will allow for discussion on emerging challenges. The sessions, chaired by EMCDDA staff members, are open to EMCDDA employees, the Reitox network and professionals working in the domain. In the testing phase, the webinars will vary in length and frequency and will be adjusted following participants’ evaluations. The first webinar will take place on 6 May on the theme: 'Coronavirus and drug-related issues: are we ready to learn the lessons?' (12.00–13.30 WET; 13.00–14.30 CET). The agency is testing the webinar format as a new EMCDDA product type. (EMCDDA, 30.04.2020)