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NIDA. People With SUDs Have Increased Risk for COVID-19 and Worse Outcomes

This Study reported;

People with a

+ substance use disorder (SUD) at any time in their lives are 1.5 times more likely to contract COVID-19 than those without an SUD, and those with a recent SUD are more than 8 times more likely. 

+ People with opioid use disorder (OUD) and African Americans are at particularly high risk for COVID-19. 

+ COVID-19 patients with SUDs are more likely to require hospitalization and to die from COVID-19 than those without SUD, with patients with OUD and African American patients at greatest risk.

(NIDA Notes, USA, 13.01.2021)


Covid Reference - 6th International Edition

Bernd-Sebastian Kamps und Christoph Hoffmann

Steinhäuser Verlag, 2021

13 January 2021. Finally, after 10 weeks, we have published the next edition of COVID Reference – The COVID Textbook (453 pages; we apologize for the delay). We dedicate this edition to Anthony Fauci who never tired of defending science.


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Experten-Web-Konferenz. Suchtbehandlung in Covid-Zeiten: der disruptive Zwang zur Innovation

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19_J_Neuro_Kon_ÖGABS Experten-Web-Konferenz_Barth final

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How Covid-19 has fueled unprecedented advances in medicine

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the world of health and medicine. New vaccines are being developed at a pace once unimaginable. Telemedicine has replaced the doctor’s office for many. And artificial intelligence is predicting the patients at highest risk of growing severely ill. (stat ebook, USA, 06.01.2021)


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