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Journal of of Illicit Economies and Development - Special Issue on Environmental Impacts of Illicit Economies

- Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 2021 

Synthetic Drug Production in Belgium – Environmental Harms as Collateral Damage? 

Comparative Analysis of Illicit Supply Network Structure and Operations: Cocaine, Wildlife, and Sand 

Forests, Coca, and Conflict: Grass Frontier Dynamics and Deforestation in the Amazon-Andes 

Addressing Socio-Environmental Challenges and Unintended Consequences of Peruvian Drug Policy: An Analysis in Two Former Cocalero Valleys 

Sanction Avoidance and the Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Case Study of an Urban Wild Meat Supply Chain 

Narcotrafficking and Land Control in Guatemala and Honduras 

Addressing Coca-Related Deforestation in Colombia: A Call for Aligning Drug and Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development 

Illicit Crop Cultivation in Colombia’s National Natural Parks: Dynamics, Drivers, and Policy Responses - 

E-ISSN: 2516-7227, Published by London School of Economics - LSE Press