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Factors associated with testing for HIV and hepatitis C among behaviorally vulnerable men in Germany: a cross-sectional analysis upon enrollment into an observational cohort. 

Crowell TA, Qian H, Tiemann C, Lehmann C, Boesecke C, Stoehr A, Hartikainen J, Esser S, Bickel M, Spinner CD, Schneeweiß S, Cordes C, Brockmeyer N, Jessen H, Robb ML, Michael NL, Jansen K, Streeck H; BRAHMS Study Team. 

AIDS Res Ther. 2021 Aug 16;18(1):52. doi: 10.1186/s12981-021-00378-4. PMID: 34399787; PMCID: PMC8365908.