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Nora's Blog: ADAPT-2 Trial Results Deliver a Breakthrough in Long Search for Methamphetamine Use Disorder Medication 

The U.S. is facing a surge of overdose deaths involving the use of stimulant drugs, including cocaine and methamphetamine. Multiple drug surveillance systems indicate that methamphetamine is a more pressing danger to public health and safety than opioids in some localities, yet developing medications to treat stimulant use disorders has proven especially challenging. As more patients and providers become familiar with the multiple effective medications now available to treat opioids, the lack of any medication to treat addiction to methamphetamine is increasingly frustrating. That is why the results of a successful multi-site clinical trial of a combined treatment approach for methamphetamine use disorder using two already approved medications, published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, is such important and encouraging news for our field.

(…) a combination of oral bupropion, a commonly prescribed medication used to treat depression and for nicotine cessation, and injectable naltrexone, an opioid antagonist widely prescribed for treating opioid and alcohol use disorders, successfully reduced methamphetamine use and cravings in a large sample of treatment-seeking people with methamphetamine use disorder, compared to placebo. (NIDA, USA, 13.01.2021)